Poor man’s chicken fried steak one of the best dinner recipes ever. – comfort food recipe

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24 Responses

  1. just made it with pork cutlets, 2.19 lbs. fed 5 hungry folks.

  2. heart attack on a plate

  3. doug s says:

    subscribed! trying this tonight with some venison . Thank you

  4. best chef on the planet

  5. buz butler says:

    I was looking for chicken, not ground beef. Wrong title?

  6. awesome crust! mouth is watering…..

  7. coolerkin says:

    why is it called chicken fried steak when no chicken is used??

  8. John Ryan says:


  9. myfamilynme says:

    I just made this for my lunch and WOW! Can't wait till my husband gets home today because I'll be making him this for supper. He will be one happy camper today, so thanks! :-)

  10. my favorite chef of all time right here!

  11. fasignal says:

    Now this guy knows how to cook

  12. A Alekhine says:

    I going to have to unfollow this channel soon enough…something between I drool too much at late hours…OR…I will weight 500 lbs soon enough!!

  13. Danny Tat says:

    I can taste the flavors with my eyes…..

  14. MR TIBBS says:

    3 Mile Island Farms At Work ! Tasty Beef ! Scotty Taste The Food My player !

  15. Fantastic food and quality videos straight up, gotta visit and get the grub on!

  16. Russell Carr says:

    I have got to try this meal, comfort food at its best.

  17. Dickie Licky says:

    I'd like to see Gordon Ramsey shout his mouth of at this bad ass ..dude you rock

  18. I love your straight forward recipes. I love this affordable version with beef patties. Plus I'm all for double dipping!

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