Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas

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  1. Taylor Colby says:

    These are my favorite vegan recipe videos. Continue to make them

  2. That purple lipstick looks so pretty on you :3

  3. I cut it up into 4s?

  4. Her editing is so classy

  5. I'm not vegan be these look really good! I like the carrot blanket idea very creative :)

  6. Rena Weafer says:

    Your videos are so inspiring I love them??

  7. Yanira Marie says:

    I'm not vegan but I'm tempted to try the chickpeas sandwich. ♥ Looks so delicious. Greetings from Puerto Rico, Kalyn. ?✨

  8. What's the song in the intro?

  9. Lesley Luna says:

    Why always americans thinks that just because it has 'Salsa', its mexican food? .-.

  10. These ideas were really inspiring (and made me hungry haha) love youuuuu <3

  11. This chickpea hummus salad stuff is bomb! My husband and I have eaten it everyday for over a week now! ?

  12. I tried the alternative tuna sandwich today and it was amazing!!

  13. i am so thankful for videos like this they make life easier like everyone in the world giving us their vegan meal ideas it just makes me so happy! 🙂 i cannot wait to make my own vegan pizza

  14. who's vegan here ?
    hands up!!

  15. Can you please do a vegan dinner ideas video!!

  16. Henya Mania says:

    OMGGGG everything looked amazing but I have to try that chickpea tuna thing! Can't wait for the dinner edition :)

  17. jane eyre says:

    Honestly, I'm SO happy for you to be a vegan.. There's nothing I'm more proud of than being a vegan and watching this video just makes me think "Yeah, it's SO fuckin' lovin' awesome to be a vegan!!" Oh yeah… I'm tryin all of them over the next weeks and I link you on my IG… 🙂 THANK YOUUUU.. yourvidz are always making my days :-*

  18. wow, looks soo delicious!! thank you, I'm definitely going to try all of this recipes. Even though I have no idea where to find vegan cheese and pepperoni (I'm live in St. Petersburg, Russia so being vegan is still a bit unusual here), but whatever.
    You're such an inspiration! Have a great day! ;)

  19. Loved It! Thank you!

  20. Not vegan but I'm working on at least trying to eat vegan and vegetarian a good portion of my week, any effort is better than nothing right! Currently waiting for my pigs in a blanket to be done ?? thanks Kalyn for some great ideas!

  21. Crafty S says:

    You are the only other person that pronounces daya that way! Everybody else says it die-ya ( I don't know which is right) also I <3 your recipes even though I am not vegan but dairy free so it is helpful 

  22. Gonna be honest, I'm not vegan nor do I plan on becoming one but these look really good & I'll probably end up making them one day :')

  23. Talia Lea says:

    Loved all of these! Can't wait to see a dinner or dessert version as well!!

  24. Hamna Shami says:

    omg the quote tho

  25. DanaeCupcake says:

    Thanks for making me hungry Kalyn? I loved the second and the third idea, I'm totally trying them both!?? Love you!!!

  26. What's the song at the beginning of the video?

  27. magicalair says:

    Great video! Loved the quote at the beginning! <3

  28. who else always in the beggining of the video stop and read quote??

  29. nina12 says:

    Not mexican at all

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