Three Healthy Breakfast Ideas | The Anna Edit

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  1. Clementine C says:

    can you get swedish dairy products in england?? (that arla skyr thing)

  2. Can you also make a video about some lunch recipes? I'm often home-alone around lunchtime, and never know what to make myself!! Loved this video! xxx

  3. yca mariano says:

    I appreciate all the effort and time you put in your videos! :D

  4. Gail Freeman says:

    ty for great recipes

  5. belle co says:

    I feel like you repeat yourself a lot just to fill time…

  6. As soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew I'd love this – two of my favourite pudding flavours for breakfast? Hell yes! :)

  7. I ❤️ onions but despise cutting them- so I've discovered frozen chopped onions ?! A time saver & way more convenient ??????

  8. I know what i'm going to do tmr with some spare apples .. :)

  9. as a canadian, it make me so happy when people have maple syrup ?

  10. mnk tfn says:

    Such great ideas! I'll definitely try these, very transportable, too (awesome if you need to have some breakfast on the train).

  11. this was so fun to listen to 🙂 and watch of course! thanks for the new ideas!

  12. So now I know what I'm going to eat tomorrow morning :), thanks Anna!

  13. Alanah R says:

    Totally random but you keep yams/sweet potatoes in the fridge? should I do that?!? Going down a Google hole now…

  14. I always love your foodie videos Anna! I'm definitely going to give the overnight oats and porridge a try. Also, love that you were keeping it real in your purple dressing gown! x

  15. i fold my bacon in half and arrange on a backing sheet. bake at 200c for 10 mins the turn over and bake for another 10 mins. its ?

  16. d'Auria says:

    Grating and draining a zucchini or two and adding them to your bacon/feta muffins would be ?? and add some veg

  17. 18Daisy Doll says:

    Oh yeah time lapse muffins…. Great stuff??????????????

  18. Sophie B says:

    "Healthy"? With bacon, Feta cheese and yogurt? No hate, I love you Anna!

  19. You Rocks! Thanks for this video and yummy ideas for breakfast! Love it.

  20. Kerrie b says:

    I loved this I'm so gonna try these recipes. How long will the apple sauce last in the fridge after making it? hope u do a lunch and dinner ideas vid too please

  21. Jackie P says:

    More recipe posts please!! These are some of my favorites, and your overnight oats with applesauce recipe has become one of my staples. I love that you've given a new twist to it here :)

  22. Erin Benton says:

    I will definitely be making the applesauce! Loved this video! The robe is always very becoming.

  23. N JH says:

    Definitely trying the bacon and egg muffins, so good! Perfect for my 'no sugar' needs!!

  24. This voice over is GOLD! There is something wonderfully relatable about someone saying "I tried to make it like instagram" and "look at my super cool time lapse!!"

    Thanks for the breakfast ideas Anna ?

  25. Great ideas Anna, thanks :))

  26. Anne says:

    Booked the Liberty tea ! So excited for the event, I'm sure it would be lovely.

  27. kiki d says:

    Anna where did you get your Tupperware from?

  28. I have to try quinoa porridge..sounds soo soo GOOD <3

  29. WhatLydDid says:

    Sorry, did I miss the part where Anna said 'you must follow my recipes exactly and eat them every day'? It's frustrating to see people criticising this when clearly Anna is very into fitness and health and is trying to show recipes that will provide energy, protein, and minerals, all while tasting good and being made from scratch.

  30. Kilian W says:

    I never eat breakfast cause I love sleeping so much, but all these recipes inspire me to get up early and start my day healthily. :-)

  31. Lydia Carels says:

    I also make the egg muffins. I know you have a Magimix. Why don't you put everything in the Magimix? One blitz and your ready. A tip for washing the quinoa: I have found a very fine colander (is that English?). I wash the quinoa in the colander under running water!

  32. Love this video Anna! Currently watching it in my villa in Bali while scoffing down a bowl of sugar coated granola… balance hey?! xxx

  33. How long do the muffins last in the fridge? :D

  34. Love your foodie recipes!! Will definitely be trying these :)

  35. beacon, cheese, eggs in a muffin? not healthy at all.

  36. aurélie says:

    everything looks SO GOOD! especially those muffins, definitely going to be trying those out xx

  37. Stasy Kendel says:

    Really really enjoyed watching this video! Great ideas for breakfast – loved them all ♥

  38. Axela Rinoa says:

    @theannaedit – Keep being genuine, ambitious and beautiful! Love, love, love your organic and natural way of being <3

  39. Sarah Natana says:

    Amazing ? Love this video, Thank you

  40. LolaNewLeaf says:

    Cherry Bakewell for breakfast?! Anna, you are a genius ? Mr Kipling would be proud ?

  41. Dimitra Fish says:

    i like them all i would like to see a weekly food plan and grocery (i always have tones of food that we dont eat and never have a programme

  42. Gemma Louise says:

    So many ingredients ha! These breakfast options sound really yummy though :)

  43. That looks so yummy to eat ???

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