VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS! [ Easy, Healthy, Oil Free ]

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  1. I must be the only one who doesn't like cinnamon?loved this video!

  2. This was really nice and yay, finally some vegan recipes that aren't heavily based on things I'm allergic to that's the main reason why I've been so hesitant to become vegan but this has encouraged me to do more research thanks so much ☺️

  3. Diagonal! Though I love what I saw you (I think?) Do with the bento boxes, slicing sandwich in strips to fit nicely.

  4. Amazing, thank you so much!

  5. Jenna Walker says:

    such a good video! great quality caitlin

  6. Im personally not a vegan but these look great and i will pack them from school. The only reason im not vegan is that im 14 and live in a house of non vegans but when I'm older I'm definately gonna become at least pescetarian

  7. Penelope416 says:

    We never cut our sandwhiches in our house. It was unheard of. ??

  8. Grace Sauer says:

    Won't the chickpea salad sandwich get soggy by lunchtime???

  9. best vegan lunch video ever! i'm always looking for more no reheat lunches! PLEASE more!!!

  10. aida mendoza says:

    My mom told me that when I was little I didn't like my sandwiches in a triangle shape ??

  11. Nn105 says:

    I want to try the pasta salad ?

  12. I loved every single one of these recipes and that is really rare for me! I just discovered your channel and subscribed. Thanks for the video, I'm going to make the chickpea salad today :)

  13. Love how unique these recipes are! I went vegan semi-recently and have been loving your videos!

  14. Aviva Will says:

    JESUS created everything good

  15. muhadere niz says:

    olive olive olive its best: )

  16. woah im gonna try this salad sandwich it looks soo yummy!! you re so great girl! :)

  17. I liked the last one :)

  18. Sofia says:

    Hi! loved the vid 🙂 a little trick so the pasta doesn't stick together is to actually rinse it with cold water after it's done cooking 🙂 i do it all the time and works wonders! xoxo

  19. that pasta salad though ??

  20. Whoa that avo rose was flawless.

  21. Orlagh Marie says:

    These all look so good ? I just uploaded a similar video on my channel but I'm having so much fun watching everyone else's and getting new ideas!✨

  22. love it! will be trying some of this for and upcoming 7 day vegan challenge. new subscriber.

  23. Unfoturtuneately, vegains will never understand…… The trew Reason why vegains can;'t get enough, proteens is because of The biggests secrets…..If yuoiu look On my channgels I will Revel why to Everyone why I is so right. But Because I loves you,. I will tell you any wayts. Vegans don't eat animals, anImals has been SHown to contain many a protiens far more than all the other stuff. To buid proteens you just Has to eat animals. Cases Closed.

  24. MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THS! i loved this video, gave me good ideas for lunch that i can actually do! Thanks

  25. bookmarked this so I can make all of them for lunch!

  26. kayla kemper says:

    I love adding celery seed to my chickpea salads! Yum now I'm craving some!

  27. That is SUCH a beautiful video! Everything looks so colorful, healthy and delicious and the recipe ideas are so creative! I love your videos, Caitlin, I can see how much effort you invest in making them and they're so helpful and inspiring! thanks for sharing! ??

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