Easy Quick Dinner Recipe For College Dorm Students & Beginners: BBQ Chicken, Mixed Vegetables & Rice

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40 Responses

  1. TBaby says:

    lol vegebles

  2. Girl says:

    I love how detailed you are. More easy vids like this

  3. Always pour liquids to side of meat; never on the meat. You will lose seasonings off of meat.

  4. Angel Medina says:

    idk why but this made me laugh just a bit lol

  5. Angel Medina says:

    what if I have canned vegetable ? do I season it the same orrr

  6. please do a shrimp and grits casserole. im dying to phillys version. :-)

  7. Raven Massey says:

    Can you use chicken tenderloin rather than thighs? Like, would that effect the cook time?

  8. Can you make more recipes for dorm room students?

  9. Kisha Bostic says:

    "Vegables" !!! LOL

  10. Tiffany M says:

    I'm making this this week! Looks delicious

  11. Love the consistency of your videos this year ! You have motivated me to cook more! ❤️

  12. i love bbq chicken, i think ill do yellow rice tho. i can't stand white rice without a gravy lol

  13. Raven Allen says:

    Do we put the chicken back in the oven if we don't add bbq sauce ?

  14. can you make a recipe for chicken gizzards please

  15. Luv your videos, keep doing your thing!

  16. Afia Hodges says:

    Thank you for this video… I just forwarded it to my nephew who is in college. Please post more easy and budget friendly videos like this one.

  17. Dee Jay says:

    I made this last night, and it was FANTASTIC!!! I had always preferred the chicken breast over the thigh, but the thigh is so much more tender, whereas the breast can be dry. I'll be doing chicken thighs more often now!

  18. I love it! Thanks!

  19. Sophia Burt says:

    Love your videos! Keep them coming!

  20. Shanel M. says:

    Can you please do an updated pot roast video for a crockpot….

  21. Oshea Gentry says:

    u need to go to some speech classes

  22. as a college student who is tired of ramen, eggs, and frozen chicken fingers, I thank you for this recipe.

  23. Kopers30 says:

    I don't want to come off as an ass, but "generously" and "lightly" are opposites. Generously means a lot. Lightly means.. a light amount. You make solid videos and the chicken looked great. Just a heads up.

  24. mdotschrody says:

    love how you're doing so many videos lately! !! this came out looking fantastic.

  25. Maria Smith says:



  27. Kerry says:

    I like all your videos because you go slow and explain. You're never in a rush and I've learn that you teach while you give us a recipe. thank you.

  28. didi snow says:

    Omg loves this video please do more of these

  29. love it!! keep them coming, an ignore those IGNORANT people who keep commenting on how you speak, if you can,t understand it then just read the directions, theres no need to be rude!!!!!!!

  30. Mom Margie says:

    You really are the best!??

  31. ngatiramona says:

    looks great. Thank you for sharing.

  32. thanks man, i did the same thing and came out straight. i never knew cooking was that easy!

  33. Prity Moka says:

    Keep um coming! I enjoy cooking. I really appreciate you putting yourself out there. You don't have to do it, but for the sake of those who don't know how to cook, you do. I think you're great, and you do a great job! Much respect! :-)

  34. love this with quick loaded mashed potatoes

  35. Marx 1684 says:

    My lady is watching your video & I thank you for bestowing the knowledge but PLEASE drop that T in the word vegeTables. You omitted the T I dunno how many times.

  36. I'm gone show my sister these cuz she always coming over eating my food cuz she can't cook she need a lil bit of Philly Boy Jay Keep Them Coming Lol

  37. Very helpful! Thanks Phillyboijay<3 pls make more videos for college students!??

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