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  1. Evi Rosiana says:

    unrefined coconut oil? can i use reguler coconut oil?

  2. mmm2101 says:

    Would I gain weight after having these?

  3. Abigail Lane says:

    Healthy nursing tea by secrets of tea is the formula I used for increasing my milk supply with success.

  4. I just made these they are so good. I have a lot of extra cookie dough can I freeze the dough for later?

  5. Such a great edible gift to bring to a new mum!

  6. Wonderful recipe Catherine! I hope you are enjoying this lactation time. I did it! And it´s something that you will never forget. Because our kids grow up so fast!!!

    Happy day!


  7. Lexus Jacobs says:

    I was so scared you were about to bake cookies with breast milk and feed them to your kid lol

  8. Miriam Cruz says:

    is nutritional yeast the same as brewers yeast? I've only found nutritional yeast in the bulk/containers section of my grocery store but don't know if there the same and if I can use for this? TIA

  9. Oh thank goodness…
    I thought this was going to be cookies made from breast milk.

  10. Bea And Baby says:

    I bet they are yummy too! Love the chocolate chip ;)

  11. thank you for this!!!

  12. I used mother milk. it's a tea and it really helps bring in your milk. my favorite cookie is peanut butter.

  13. loved this video ♥

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