Yummy Sausage/Potatoes Recipe ♡ Whats for dinner Wednesday!

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  1. Mhel Tavas says:

    some pipol judge this girl but look she's a better mom to all her kiddos…

  2. Joslynn V. says:

    omg I just love you and your family!! ?

  3. I added broccoli and Polska Kielbasa because that is what I had in the house.  My son kept asking for more potatoes and broccoli.  Yeah something he asks for seconds is now on my make it again list.  Thank you for this super easy recipe.

  4. It's always hard trying to think of tasty things the kids will eat so they don't get bored with food or want the same stuff all the time…..I'm gonna try this out on my big kids (25 and 19 and still at home!) xxx

  5. Looks like a good Meal to whip up in a busy Moms day!! Tasty

  6. Ronda_6721 says:

    Aww they're some cute babies!

  7. D.R. Q. says:

    REALLY stupid elevator music for this recipe – makes it not even worth watching. Uh, your tattoos are just sooo gross too. Hard to take you seriously with your mega ugly tattoos and ugly blue nail polish.

  8. Tanya P says:

    Bought the ingredients today!! Can't wait !! 

  9. Raven Allen says:

    Finally made this for dinner tonight. It was delicious! I will definitely be making this again. Thanks for the recipe!!!

  10. Mmm I would eat this w eggs for breakfast ?

  11. Cyrus Green says:

    can i use a italian sausage in this dish??

  12. 3:47 form left to right:
    "i just wanna eat and not be the one whooped anymore" 
    "this bitch serious?" 
    "i just shit my pants" 
    "i'm gonna slap somebody if i don't get my chow"

  13. if you made that for me i'd eat your snatch

  14. I made this tonight for dinner and it was so awesome!  Will make it again for sure 🙂  Thanks for the recipe.

  15. superbabyone says:

    I would definetly give this dish a try for us and for th girls. Thank you so so much for this recipe!

  16. Awww I love all your videos and both channels! You're such a good mama, totally reminds me of me lol! Glad i found your channel.

  17. Phool Singh says:

    Bianca has gotten so big now…and she's eating for herself too. I just love the way the kids were patiently waiting for you to bring their dinner. You're an incredible, genuine and creative mom. One day your kiddies will see these videos and thank you for being so sweet. I tend to enjoy your food/kiddies/home  kinda videos more. I do look forward each time you upload these. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  18. Liz Pogue says:

    thanks for sharing,making this tonight :)

  19. you should do a meal plan, and grocery shopping video 🙂 

  20. This was really good. I used italian sausage. & onions instead of peppers. & I used orange marmalade in place of orange juice. Both my kids really liked it.

  21. This looks good!  Gonna try this tonight. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Very very deliusosly and make more later congratulations

  23. deelexus07 says:

    So well behaved your kiddies and so cute! Props woman!

  24. a8888121 says:

    I love your dinner ideas. I just married and I am struggling with cooking, watching your videos make my life easier hehe… keep on girl, you are a great inspiration for me. hugs from Dubai.

  25. I love your videos and the music in the background is so soothing btw. Enjoy your day!!

  26. This looks so good especially w the cheese..luv ur videos..all of them! These people lol then if u put a huge portion on their plate theyd judge u for over feeding them geez lol

  27. I randomly got given soy sauce today, never really cooked with it, so will definitely be trying this recipe :)

  28. Love this channel!!! So happy to have a new video on here, you are great!

  29. Great video , all your babies are super cute , cant wait to see more cooking videos =) … Dont pay attention to the haters , you are s great mom and person and u keep it real

  30. Tam N says:

    Yay recipe video I love them thanks so much 

  31. I made it 🙂 It was so good! I might add honey next time and extra mozzarella cheese! 

  32. Such a beautiful family! You're such an inspiration. (:

  33. Look delicious! Its a must try. But how long does it take to cook?

  34. Lizzy L says:

    Looks gooooood

  35. Looks Delicious!! You're a great momma 🙂 Love all your videos :)

  36. zakandtodd says:

    Looks delicious. Your children are adorable x

  37. Omg your kids are adorable hahaa! That looks so good!! Ima have to try that for my kiddos.

  38. Yosra Ryan says:

    Omg looks yummyyy nice family

  39. wow 4 kids and they are so nice espically the boy with the green pjama but all are very cute :)

  40. My daughter has that same dress and she loves it! So cute. (:

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