What I Eat In A Day: Healthy Autumn Recipes! | Food Diary Friday

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  1. I love your lips lately 🙂 If you don't mind me asking, have you gotten some work done? They look different, but in a good way!

  2. Ellen Murray says:

    Please keep doing them every week, I love them! Xx

  3. hanbarlowx says:

    I literally love you and your videos! It would be great if we could have weekly videos like this if that is possible?

  4. Martian says:

    Mel, do you also have this thing where if you sort of slip off your skin routine, you break out again? I'm just curious to know if one ever stops having 'acnegenic' skin

  5. Farrah Stino says:

    Every Friday would be nice 🙂 Thanks for the recipe?

  6. heimmmat says:

    GOSH! You are simply beautiful.

  7. please do vlogmas:)))

  8. ahhhh Melanie you ook so keewwt in this video! XD <3

  9. ZombieIca says:

    That chili looks amazing.

  10. Jay Lees says:

    I must have a go at making that porridge bread. I've just started making brown soda bread and it's amazing!

  11. Melanie, could you maybe do an updated hair routine video?

  12. hi i really enjoy your videos especialy this kind of them so please do them every week <3

  13. Mel you look absolute beautiful in the beginning of this video! Glowing and gorgeous ? my favourite comfort food right now are these pumpkin/mixed spice chocolate chip cookies, which taste SO good…basically like autumn in a cookie! ?

  14. Your glasses look FABULOUS AHHH

  15. IwOnAaaaaa says:

    Do food friday every week please:)

  16. you look completely different!

  17. Hi Hun. Just wondering if you know roughly how many girls grams of oats you used for the bread? Thank you ☺️

  18. Anna Wand says:

    This video had such a magical autumnal vibe to it ☺️ ? I can't find those nakd bits anywhere which is soo annoying cuz I wanna try them so bad!

  19. Morty Aitken says:

    Thank you so much for making these videos, for someone with a history of binging and starving they're really helpful – seeing how much normal people usually eat during the day. I think you said you had EDs too, congratulations on winning the battle, I hope to make it one day too.

  20. vee says:

    loved this video soooo much!!!! yay want more veg recipes!
    only thing the font for the text was a bit hard to read, especially since they disappeared too quickly. otherwise awesome xo

  21. Yukti Gopal says:

    OMG Melanie I absolutely love you and all your videos! Keep doing those food diary fridays every week!! 🙂 I never miss anyone of them! <3 <3 <3

  22. Zara Bird says:

    Yuuum! That oat bread with raspberry jam would be amazing <3

    I LOVE cinnamon on everything!

  23. Ellie Raven says:

    Guys if you don't stop writing this vegan crap in her comments she's going to stop posting these videos, and I want to watch them so simmer down. I'm vegetarian and my sister is vegan, I'm pro a lifestyle where an individual thinks about what they are eating and tries there best to make good choices – which i think Melanie does. Whilst I obviously do not condone the treatment of animals in retrieving some meat and dairy based products, I don't think you can slam an ominvore for not being 'healthy', i know vegans who live off pasta and chips. Melanie has obviously read up on this, and this is her choice. Removing certain food groups from your diet can affect someone physically, mentally or both – this is a fact, and varies from individual to individual. Let her be. <3

  24. olivia dent says:

    lovely video Mel! I adore your food diaries and would happily watch (and rewatch and rewatch;P) one every week, however I totally understand you not wanting to make zhem that regularly as you have so much other great stuff to share. Besides, it'll make them all the more special! You just do as many as you feel is right xxxx

  25. Laura Supple says:

    Every week I love these videos❤️ they help me a lot?

  26. fleckyb09 says:

    My diet consists of a healthy balance of vegetables and meat, just how it should be, and I LOVE it!!! Everyone is entitled to eat what they want however they choose! Vegans stop preaching and trying to change the world!!!

  27. Markie Lee says:

    I loved this video so much! The recipes are super helpful 🙂 I'd watch these every week for surely!

  28. TaeTae says:

    wow you are always so gorgeous but ah you look extra pretty in this video! <3 Your hair is so nice, i think it would really suit you short as well if you ever decided to cut it too x

  29. Smmurrs says:

    I love the food diaries, honestly they are pretty much the only things you post I watch.

  30. Iman Nasser says:

    Your hair is gorgeous! X

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