Dinner: Creamy Chicken and Rice – Natasha’s Kitchen

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36 Responses

  1. what can substitute with the chicken broth?

  2. Carla V says:

    I just made this without the wine and with cooking cream and it turned out delicious!!!

  3. mohd suhail says:

    without white wine how to make this racipe

  4. Looks amazing!!!!! I'm going to make this tomorrow!!!!!!

  5. That looks really yummy. I must try this recipe.

  6. This looks deelish! I have to try it!
    One question about the rice, you only have it in there for 15 mins? is that enough for it to cook through or am I missing something? Cheers!

  7. Anna D says:

    My favorite form of plov 🙂 makes regular plov seem dry and boring lol

  8. can u replace the Parmesan cheese with any other kind of cheese?

  9. Craig X says:

    great presentation…!

  10. meapop love says:

    this recipe works without white wine?

  11. Ily Wagner says:

    Is the cooking wine the same thing as the kind of wine you used? Sorry if that's a stupid question

  12. I just made this and it is amazing!!

  13. Tiffany S says:

    I seen this recipe on pinterest! I've made it over the past year for my husband so much that I know the entire recipe by memory. He's a very picky eater, but adores this dish!love love love this. so yummy! Keep it up because I and my hubby are fans of your recipes! P.S… I'm actually making this it right now! :)

  14. Luana Lulu says:

    Your voice is so calming <3

  15. Fantastic! Just made this today. Yum. First recipe from Natasha's kitchen. I'll be making more!

  16. подскажите а где вы брали бульон? это растворенные пакетики или натуральный бульон?

  17. You make the best dishes . I'm so glad I found you .

  18. Noreen Abel says:

    Once more you bring a tasty as dish, just finished a second serve, will be a regular in this household.

  19. Perfection!!! My kind of meal

  20. Rajiv Bedi says:

    omg u are most beautiful

  21. ainanor says:

    you sound like you are about to cry ;-)

  22. Oh my god?? I love it so much

  23. Спасибо за рецепт, обязательно попробуем такой вариант плова с сыром!!!!??

  24. Mrs Chi says:

    Oh. My. Goodness! Yummy! I will try this this upcoming week! Thanks!

  25. could we use anything in place of the white wine?

  26. Angelina Wu says:

    I could almost feel the creaminess watching you taste this! This looks SO good.

  27. Yana says:

    Looks good, is there any specific reason you use olive oil instead of vegetable oil?

  28. mizzpeller says:

    no one in my house eats the dark meat.

  29. NOTaVEGAN says:

    I'm watching this with my 3 year old and at the end of the video she was like, mommy you should make some of that..?

  30. sidra pannu says:

    Hello nitasha so yummmm your respie but I have one question can I remove the whit vine what use opsite

  31. instead of white wine can we add some thing else?

  32. Dear Natasha, thank you so much for this recipe! However my family and I don't consume alcohol, so what can I substitute the white wine with instead? Thank you once more!

  33. Nadiia Noga says:

    can you make Ukrainian dumplings. (пельмені)

  34. mrs irfan says:

    Hi Natasha can I replace white wine with something else ?

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