Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ideas ~ Fall Edition!

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34 Responses

  1. Rossana Ruiz says:

    I like the waffle recipe. Your hair looks nice

  2. No andno says:

    You are glowing in this video!!!

  3. Chia seed puffing is the best it's a must everyone

  4. Maddy S says:

    Do you think i could do the chai smoothie without protein powder?

  5. You are absolutely stunning in this video!! Thanks for these yummy recipes! I am excited to try them!??

  6. Your hair looks super glossy and nice Cambria!

  7. YAY! I always look forward to your seasonal meal ideas!! Loved this <33

  8. Your hair looks beautiful! I love this vid – God bless you and I hope you enjoy the season! <3

  9. This makes me so happy ❤️???

  10. Tanya Singh says:

    Aaahhh where are your necklaces from? They're so cute!!!!!

  11. Katie Turner says:

    That chai smoothie… umm YES PLEASE!!! Delicious!! :)

  12. What was the song in the beginning?

  13. Omg Yummy!! The waffles though <3

  14. I made that chia seed pudding before even watching the rest! So excited to have it for breakfast! It'll be my first time making it!

  15. These look so good!

  16. Evelyn Garay says:

    Yes, my favorite YouTuber!!!!! Best combo your videos and food recipes. God bless you!!!! ???

  17. Please do How to get healthy in University ♡

  18. Your hair is so pretty! I always get excited when I see that you posted a cooking video because yours are so awesome and delicious! You edit sooooooo well!

  19. Grace Tang says:

    Ahhh just bought a bag of chia seeds! Love how your recipes are low in refined sugars :)

  20. Your make-up and hair looks soo good girl!! ???

  21. McMeckies says:

    Could you do more dinner ideas? xx

  22. Bree says:

    Granted I'm not a pumpkin spice flavor person (shocking I know) but I think I'm gonna have to give these recipes a try! I'm all for trying new waffle flavors. The fall time is better with Cambria lol ??????

    Gorgeous look btw!! ??

  23. Is it weird that I hate pumpkin but really want to try the waffles ?

  24. Amelia Wirt says:

    Cambria made my day and so happy when I see new videos!!

  25. Rachel Smith says:

    Thanks for the awesome recipes!!! Fall is my favourite season ✨( and flavour haha! Love pumpkin)!!! Excited to try them out!

  26. Sarah Ahmed says:

    I'm genuinely so so SO excited to try these recipes out! Much love!! Xx

  27. Love your food recipes!?

  28. Love you videos!!!! ❤️

  29. MissTessaMay says:

    Yay I'm so happy!!! I'm so going to try all of these. I love your fall decorations! Also is that a ring on your left hand?

  30. OMGStephanie says:

    I loved it! Im going to try everything! ???

  31. chichi875 says:

    You look so freaking pretty !!!! <3

  32. All of these recipes look good especially that chai smoothie! Yum! Love these food videos! ❤️

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