7 DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE MEAL PLAN (Easy, go-to recipes)

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  1. Axianana says:

    Going to try this and hopefully end the week more motivated to go from vegetarian to vegan :3 Thank you for the inspiration! <3

  2. Agusta Wind says:

    VEGANISM is not something to try for a few days and then quit. A plant-based diet is something that you can try and quit. Veganism is an ethical stance against the cruel treatment and exploitation of animals that you can't turn on and off. If you're vegan for ethical reasons and realize that what you eat, use, and wear has an impact on animals and the planet, you won't even see animal products as foods.

  3. Hi…. can you do a salad recipe video recipes. I am running out of different kind, looks like always eating same thing. plus different salad dressing too. thank you. another amazing video. loved it.

  4. Laisha Lopez says:

    Im vegan for 30 days

  5. Clover1745 says:

    I have a problem finding vegan sugar substitutes since I live in Denmark. I read both on the Danish sugar company's site and on Wikipedia that the refined sugar we use in Denmark is whitened using chalk and not bone char – which is good! But I'm trying to find an alternative to refined sugar that is not Stevia. what about coconut sugar?

  6. rolom3 says:

    Love the lippy ❤️

  7. M Chagawa says:

    I just wanted to say, that I always like your videos very much, and this one was no different 😀 Always nice to get some ideas on what to eat, even though I've been vegan for quite some time now myself 🙂 Again, thank you so much for everything that you do :D

  8. Lisa Huang says:

    Just wanted to say that you look like you lost some weight and look great ?! I feel like whenever I go home I lose weight too…I just tend to eat healthier since my parents make healthy Asian food at home

  9. lo b says:

    LOVE this! so excited to try the mocktuna!

  10. off topic but what lipgloss are you wearing?? it's so pretty?

  11. OMNI says:

    Where is all the food? :(

  12. Sarra says:

    i like this, it helps me get ideas of what i can realistically eat without worrying too much about the recipes. you really dont need recipes. you can google them with or without her specific provided recipes, and probably alter them to your choosing if you have a clue about cooking anyway

  13. RooFooChoo says:

    7 DAY VEGAN CHALLENGE BABY solves all yo problems

  14. when you said hopefully I heard tofu-lly

  15. i'm oil free except for when i eat stir fry. SESAME OIL WAS A GAME CHANGER FOR ME!! i literally googled "how do asian restaurant make their fried rice taste so good" LOLOLOL shame on me but i found sesame oil through that. hahah :)

  16. just what I needed TYSM!!! ????

  17. Earlier this year I did a 30-day vegan challenge and it was easier than I expected – I knew what to eat, I did a lot of research beforehand. What bothered me the most was that a lot of products that are supposed to be vegan in fact contain unnecessary eggs or dairy, like some brands of bread or dark chocolate ?

  18. Lauren Mock says:

    Thank you for this video. I've been vegetarian for a while now and now it's time for me to level up to Veganism lol

  19. omg I've been thinking of making one off these videos but more meal plan style. Because I've had a "carnivore" friend ask me what I was going to eat for the week so I sent him my meal plan. lol But I was thinking of making one as if someone is first transitioning because the way I eat now is so different. Anyway thank you for sharing this is the first 7 day vegan challenge I've come across. I'm going to look into it =D

  20. Harriet says:

    I've never been so early xx

  21. Dont like this style of video :/ i prefer watching the videos where you cook

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