Diwali Meal Menu under 45 Minutes with Shan Ready Mixes from Bhavna’s Kitchen

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35 Responses

  1. ambishiva says:

    extreeeeeeeeeeemly good .happy diwali

  2. Happy Diwali to all Indian People, Love Indian culture and food Yummy!!

  3. Hiral Shah says:

    Hey bhavna please make it some Gujarati recipes in Gujarati language please

  4. I am your long long time subscriber thankyou for sharing great and quick easy recipes…Wish you a very happy Diwali Bhavna long way to go….All the best :)

  5. simplicity63 says:

    Thank you Bhavna, if only I could cook a complete meal in 1 minute. 😛 :).

  6. why are you suddenly advertising Shan products…they are full of chemicals and preservatives. your regular recipes with day to day spices are more than Awesome!! don´t sell yourself for some small profit!

  7. Where can I buy these mixes?

  8. Ajit Parmar says:

    Hiya Bhavna ji Diwali ni hardik shubicha ane saal mubarak Eeshwar tamne ashiwad aape and keep comming up with your recipes and have fun this festive season take care . i loved the way you made the biryani it was awesome

  9. happy divali bhavna ji!!
    Can u please make a diet food video..

  10. Aisha Sattar says:

    Happy Diwali to you.

  11. Aisha Sattar says:

    I love Shan masalas.

  12. wish you and your family and happy dewali with all of gods blesssings

  13. Shan masala are def a chefs best friend

  14. shan! I will look for it.

  15. Evelina Mewa says:

    I really like it when you showcase how I can use Indian Products. It helps knowing how to use them for the next time I go into my local Indian store. I'll know what I'm looking at, and what to look for. Thank-you!

  16. Max says:

    hello madam, does the shan biryani masala makes real lucknow type aromatic biryani ? which biryani masala of shan should I use to get closest to the lucknow type (there are so many biyani masala from shan). thankyou.

  17. Bhavna, could you make a tutorial on channa masala? I really love it, but can't seem to find a good recipe so I can make it myself.

  18. Wah bhi Wah.. I bet your kitchen is smelling amazing during this Diwali season Bhavna 🙂 Wishing you and yours a very happy Diwali.

  19. aathompson19 says:

    Brilliant!!! Happy Diwali to you and your family!!!

  20. Anjna G says:

    very nice! I have never cooked with ready-mix. I do know that Shan is a good brand, so I will have a go to cook on my work days. jai maha laxmi maha. happy and prosperous dhan terash.

  21. delicious food and good ideas for quick food for Festival like Diwali ???

  22. Wish you Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year Bhavna to you & Everyone in the Family ??

  23. how much monthly cost in USA small family plz reply

  24. bhavna upload some videos monthly rental about USA and monthly grocery budget plz plz

  25. Azima Teli says:

    Wish u Happy new year Bhavna.☺

  26. Krishna says:

    Thank You…!Let's drive out the darkness. .!Happy Diwali 1nc again!

  27. Krishna says:

    Did not even look at the dishes. ..Thanks for choosing Shan foods…But..

    We luv u r Kitchen. .Happy Diwali to U!

  28. Krishna says:

    Hi Bhaavna. ..Shan foods. ..?Will try for good Indian sponsor!

  29. Thank you for all the cooking tips. Happy Diwali to you all from us here in South Africa.

  30. Sunethra K says:

    So nice! Happy Diwali to you and everyone! :D

  31. luvmaika says:

    That looks delicious!

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