Vegan Banoffee Pie | Vegan Dessert Recipe

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20 Responses

  1. Greta says:

    looks delicious! Does this have a strong coconut flavour?

  2. palat00 says:

    No doubt, your recipes are all amazing BUT they contain so much fat haha.. that's crazy ! :D

  3. Rebecca Finn says:

    Looks delicious guys! Would I need to serve this on a chiilled plate to keep it from melting?

  4. Vegan Banoffee pie WOW! what a dream 🙂 thanks a million for sharing Dave and Steve and sending you guys heaps of love and tons of happiness and Plant Power from Waterford to Greystones for a MAGICAL weekend ahead XXXXX <3

  5. Brina nats says:

    i would add some salt to the caramel so its like salted caramel i think that would be delish!!

  6. xjAlbert says:

    Great food, fun and nutrition, Pear Brothers!
    As of Nov 4, 2016, this video sets the standard for indy cooking demos: sparkling camera; perfect audio; silky smooth editing; music that energizes without jangling the nerves.

  7. Husna Begum says:

    OMG loving loving it love you guys xx

  8. lifeann30 says:

    love to visit your cafe one day and try to have a slice of it..i met you for the first time in supervalu tralee.

  9. Wajd1989 says:

    I love raw sweets, they are the best of the best ❤ much love to you guys.

  10. Andy Warlol says:

    Good on yer fellas! Looks ace!

  11. Making this for the holiday season for sure :)

  12. P0WERAGE says:

    Looks epic lads!

  13. Scd Observer says:

    You say Wait rose TV! So cute! We say Whey-trose here in the UK!

  14. Steveooo says:

    Great to see Waitrose have you on their bandwagon. I hope they help you to reach a wider audience.

  15. We ❤❤❤ banoffee pie and can't wait to try your vegan version!

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