Sweet & Savory French Toast Recipe | Popular Breakfast Recipe | The Bombay Chef – Varun Inamdar

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14 Responses

  1. The savory one is like a veggie omelette with a toast. Amazing!

  2. Raja Jinnah says:

    Varun, Shakshuka was amazing.. Now will try this. I am sure it will be awesome :)

  3. Nick says:

    Sweet french toast looks yummy and a must try

  4. wow…….amazing!!!

  5. hello , bombay chef !! do u have own youtube channel ? ?

  6. why are you adding mint leaves for the sweet bread? i don't think it ll make a good combination

  7. Shivi says:

    I'm from Mauritius. love your channel and your recipes are easy to recreate! thank you

  8. Achin Datyal says:

    i love ur recipes…..ur a gr8 chef!!!!!!

  9. Ajit Parmar says:

    just amazing ?? I wana eat this right away thanks for uploading this video??

  10. any substitute to egg I m allergic to egg??

  11. Akendra Saud says:

    can you show chicken steak

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