Easy Cooking Hacks For Eating Healthy

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41 Responses

  1. I'm eating my Halloween candy while watching this..

  2. PC Cerecer says:

    Strawberries aren't berries

  3. Jibel Mendez says:

    they put so much butter D:

  4. Or you could try hclf vegan…

  5. Finally something good and useful from buzzfeed! Thank you ?


  7. Hahahaha I'm literally eating skittles for breakfast rn

  8. yes, cooking chicken and vegetables in two sticks of butter is super healthy

  9. Eleonoora _ says:

    Makes me think of cooking mama

  10. Mike Dang says:

    Thanks for making me read a video, Buzzfeed.

  11. Not sure why exactly but I know you're not supposed to eat raw kale

  12. Queen Vee says:

    what is the frying/pan machine used, I want it -__-

  13. Penny Wilson says:

    Do you know what is NOT healthy? Chicken, butter, milk….. heart disease

  14. How are these hacks buzzfeed sucks these days

  15. Wait, can't our bodies burn all fats for energy?

  16. blending fruit makes it worse for you and your teeth

  17. Watching this while enjoying some Handmade pan pizza from Dominoz (:

  18. Just stop buzzfeed stop wasting time on crap videos and wait a few days or a week until you have good ideas for videos

  19. Lynn Nguyen says:

    I'm gonna try the coconut oil popcorn!

  20. Samantha says:

    how do you prevent the popcorn from popping out of the pot tho

  21. JoanieTiVi says:

    Hacks for eating healthy….. oil, yogourt and FREAKING CHICKEN WTF BUZZFEED. I'll give a hack for eating healthy don't listen to buzzfeed advices lmao

  22. Isabel ez says:

    I'll have a mixture of vitamins for the next recipe

  23. Lisa Koyfman says:

    so many triggered vegans

  24. use olive oil instead of butter..

  25. continues to watch a video on healthy food while eating a whole chocolate bar

  26. BLT says:

    2 table spoons of butter is good for you?

  27. Erin says:

    Chicken, butter, oil, healthy??? Try again.

  28. Matty Green says:

    "how to eat healthy" puts giant amount of butter in the pan

  29. Myra a says:

    "Healthy" – then cooks chicken and vegetables in a tablespoon of butter. Like seriously you don't even need to cook with oil for that type of stuff

  30. Jelly-Dono says:

    This is just the usual way to cook :/ nothing special…

  31. The flax seeds need to be ground so the body can absorb all their greatness or else they will just go right through you.

  32. Simone Smith says:

    this is supposed to be "healthy" but they use so much butter!

  33. Terry Kriz says:

    Hahaha it's supposed to be healthy meals and then they use white rice!

  34. Kelly Wang says:

    why do white people only season with salt and pepper

  35. strawberries aren't berries but bananas are berries.

  36. ….I was gonna do that hacks and not eat it….thanks for clearing that up

  37. 3 tablespoons of butter are so healthy

  38. tahlia p says:

    "… and vitamin B12" yeah, only because it was injected into the chicken

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