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35 Responses

  1. very nice sooooo yummy dish
    u r a to good dear amna ji
    hat's of u

  2. Ehsan Akram says:

    Really nice and looks delicious thanks sister excellent

  3. pupnirn says:

    No idea what you said but actions speak….. it look's wonderful

  4. Afzal Ahmad says:

    Almost similar to french toast, But I will try this one as well. Looks tasty and yummy!

  5. PriMe Champs says:

    It may look good but all the ingredients just for a breakfast umm no?

  6. Arman Khan says:

    is it ok if I don't put cheese in it??

  7. Anil Singh says:

    shitty feeling….

  8. What was that.. you added at the end ?

  9. Gold Vulcan says:

    Is there an english version?

  10. Maral swift says:

    I am your new subscriber

  11. Maral swift says:

    thank God you are speaking Urdu……

  12. lovely zainy says:

    kindly upload the recipe of cheese veg omlette

  13. Sushil Kr. says:

    protein full recipe.

  14. hey hiii we tried dis today n let me tell u it was jst awesome we enjoyed alot especially my dad thank you soo much for such a delicious recipe? god bless u have. a nice day?

  15. Mike Batbold says:

    Are you from Pakistan or India?

  16. ely pena says:

    Tasty and delicious. I have to made that one.. thanks!☺

  17. cel xoxo says:

    didn't have bread so i used pizza it tasted good as x

  18. Excellent vedio and recipe

  19. Isma Javed says:

    wow looking very delicious. ..keep it up???

  20. English subtitles would be nice !

  21. luvd it.though didn't cook but it looks easy n affordable at any time

  22. I made it. Very very good. One of the best new things I've eaten for breakfast. So deceptively simple and ordinary, but the taste is so delicious and unique.

  23. Amit Sen says:

    Feeling hungry!

  24. Ram Aggarwal says:

    you forget sprinkle cheese on top..anyways recipe is good and easy

  25. nice one ? good luck for ur channel

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