Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes: Turkey, Stock, Sweet Potatoes, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie

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  1. You are wonderful OMG :)

  2. Sallee B says:

    every year I use the same recipes,but I think I'll try these this year! stuffing is my favorite!!

  3. Raya Chan says:

    that is so good, nd u r pretty nd funny ??? thanks for sharing Rebecca ☺

  4. Cookie Dough says:

    Congrats, Rebecca! Your So Close To Getting 100,000 Subscribers!

  5. Alivia Ebbe says:

    OMG I love you videos

  6. Yoo Min says:

    I don't celebrate Thanks Giving but this would be perfect for a gathering dinner ? Thanks for the recipe ?

  7. Cute oven mits! go with that outfit of yours rebecca ;)

  8. I wish Food Network gives you a show

  9. Hi, sweet adorable Rebecca. I really love that Thanksgiving setup. Your blue dress is super cute. You have one of the most beautiful voices on YouTube. What's the best way to get the right berries for a pie? Have a good day, sweet adorable Rebecca. ???

  10. All of these recipes look fantastic, Rebecca! Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving! God bless

  11. just listening to her voice makes me happy

  12. kim bartley says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. hello mi amiga rebbeca awesome awesome delicious thank you amiga rebbeca wootsy ???????? Good evening

  14. whomeplay says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! My Little Butterfly 🙂 WMP

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