HEALTHY Christmas ICE CREAM Recipe (Vegan)

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  1. Wendy Waeghe says:

    We are going to give this a try, however my hubby requested I mix the nut butter in as it looks a bit like a poo on top. Lol.

  2. Sarah Berube says:

    i have been watching these videos and have no idea what silken tofu is…. can anyone explain please?

  3. morgan race says:

    Tofu can be eaten as it is sold? They cook it already??

  4. Nellinda M says:

    I am not a vegan but I just love watching your family on this channel. you guys are always so cheerful and happy

  5. Olivia Raya says:

    I love that pink color :)

  6. Oh My Gosh that jumper is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  7. morgan Jobst says:

    The buns that you do in your and Mia's hair are perfect!

  8. You look so festive and cute in this video!

  9. You look so festive and cute in this video!

  10. I'm vegan too and I know it can be a struggle to make things but it's always worth it and I feel more fresh and healthy when I eat vegan food X

  11. I really wanted to love the tofu in my ice cream and smoothies but I don't like the taste… do you have to use a specific one?

  12. Hello! I made your silken tofu ice cream with cherries and cocoa and the tofu flavor is overpowering ? I followed your recipe exactly. I later added extra cherries to try to hide the flavor and it didn't help at all. I also topped it with cinnamon to help mask the tofu. I love tofu and eat it plain sometimes. I am disappointed that this ice cream was barely edible. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  13. omgsh this looks amazing i need to try it :D

  14. katelyn m says:

    So excited for more Christmas recepies to come!!

  15. Love this recipe! I literally eat cranberries all year round. So glad to see you guys enjoying them also

  16. I love the word Festivveey lol And Georgie you look amazing ;)

  17. Love the colour! Definitely trying this :)

  18. Molly Rose says:

    Every time j watch a new video you have 10,000 more subscribers! Well done!! I love your videos xx

  19. Nina Chuba says:

    This looks sooooo good. Thank you for sharing. <3

  20. Love that jumper!!! :)

  21. This sounds delicious. I've never tried tofu like that in an ice cream but it looks great!

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  23. Cupcake Cake says:

    Could I just use normal tofu

  24. Hi did any of you ever experience hair loss?

  25. Celimene says:

    Thanks to you, berry silken tofu ice cream entered my life a few days ago and, like veganism,..I will never go back!! So good and yet so simple. You look super cute in this video ^^. I need this shirt, where did you buy it ? xo

  26. Hi Georgie, cute jersey 🙂 Silken tofu is unavailable where I live, there's only firm, would that work?

  27. Lucy La Lish says:

    Isn't that a tea bag?

  28. Your lipstick is gorgeous!!

  29. Looks delicious, love your channel!!

  30. Love this idea, thanks Georgie

  31. Gerry Gold says:

    Lovev Nice cream are the nut butter salty does that effect the flavour of the cranberry nice cream. ??

  32. How do you guys feel about maple syrup as a sweetener on oats and such?

  33. Harriet R says:

    Deffo trying that!!! x.

  34. Roxie D says:

    I paused this half way through to make choco mint banana nice scream :)

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  36. How much do you spend on food eatch week?

  37. It's Kate says:

    You look amazing Georgie! Teach me your way??

  38. Cath Hill says:

    Love your channel, oh I'm repeating myself…Who cares! Lol! x

  39. sarajinki says:

    niiiice, looks great!! <3 :D

  40. Hey guys my friend just opened up her own etsy shop today, 5% of the proceeds go to animal shelters. would mean the world if you checked it out! thanks so much!

  41. This looks so good! I've never tried silken tofu in my nicecream

  42. Rocking that Christmas jumper Georgie!

  43. You look beautiful in this video, Georgie! Im dying to try vegan ice cream ?xxx

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