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  1. Daniel West says:

    Oh wow, please try and learn some good cutting techniques. I was seriously frightened for your fingers with the way you were cutting.

  2. your hair is so gorgeous!! just wondering do you always go to a salon or do you do it yourself?

  3. Anni Emma says:

    I wish I could could organize my meals so well. Your channel is the first that shows meal prep ideas that seem doable for a lazy, broke student like me, so thanks :D

  4. LoonyInAsia says:

    I love your new hair colour xx

  5. YUM…everything turned out great!!

  6. Becca Bell says:

    I've got a Jaxx Fit lunch kit I bought in May this year. I love the containers.

  7. Jutta Paju says:

    Super pretty hair, love this new shade xx

  8. I am in love with your hair, it looks absolutely gorgeous! (Wouldn't mind a tutorial on how you did that color by the way XD) Love your videos, especially the recipe and vegan cuts ones 😉 Love <3

  9. I love to chop garlic XD

  10. Queen Toshe says:

    There's the knife!! ??? LOL ??

  11. Queen Toshe says:

    Right on Girlfriend!! ???

  12. D1 V1 says:

    What thickness/type of tofu is that at 4:04? It looks so light and tasty ah
    Love you girl xx

  13. Oh, and your hair looks AH-mazinnnnng!

  14. Nice! I can't wait to try that curry dish. I love your videos like this. Very well put together. Great job! 🙂 ❤️

  15. Vegan Youth says:

    Love your videos! Any tips on how to grow a youtube channel and how to be an effective activist?

  16. Lithostoic says:

    Ooh nice c: I'm early haha. Fantastic looking food!

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