Classic Stuffing Recipe | Thanksgiving Dinner 2016

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22 Responses

  1. How much salt and pepper? Also, about how many servings? Thank you!

  2. Heartk0re17 says:

    If you're adding eggs, then it doesn't matter if you use chicken broth. Vegetarians don't eat eggs, or real butter for the most part.

  3. For how many people is this?

  4. For how many people is this?

  5. how much bread do you need if you are making your own homemade bread?

  6. YUMMY delish.  Since you enjoy stuffing/dressing like I do…..I make all year long.  To your cooked onion and celery I add mushrooms and other veggies as desired.  I also add ground chicken or turkey or other cut up cooked meats. Then pour into bread cubes and bake. Meal all in one pot. jmo

  7. Bcky xion says:

    Did she bake or boil

  8. PLEASE HELP! I'm new at this– exactly how much onion, celery and butter? Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. can you do a five delicious mug cake recipes?

  10. never had stuffing, or dressing for that matter, and honestly, I am not sure what the big idea of using bread in other food is, I've seen this done a few times in other recipes, it feels like a filler some how … shrug I hope you enjoy your stuffing though :)

  11. Michelle L says:

    Made this for a work "Friendsgiving Day" came out absolutely delicious. The only process I changed was to bake the end product on a large cookie sheet instead of a baking dish. This made for a larger crusty area. Then I transferred the stuffing to a small crockpot to keep it warm for my co-workers. The aroma as it was baking was fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing about it. Thanks for the recipe. Loved it. Can't wait to try some of your other recipes. :).

  12. Rellestiria says:

    Thank you for thinking of the vegetarian friends 😉 I'm vegan, but I'm gonna use this recipe & just use a vegan butter because no matter your lifestyle good food is a MUST.

  13. My guy doesn't like celery, so I make mine with mushrooms. Otherwise it's very similar.

  14. MsShirocco says:

    I know you cant imagines but for me the stuffing was only to spice the Turkey inside i never ate it. But this year i give it a try. But i live in germany we dont celebrate Thanksgiving. I have to wait for Christmas☺

  15. This looks amazingly delicious. I think I'll make some today just to try it. lol

  16. Lena Km says:

    Hi from Germany! As we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here (I would love to!), I'm not familiar with your food traditions on Thanksgiving. I would love to know what the difference between a stuffing and a dressing is and how you eat that "dressing". I used to think that "stuffing" is what you put into your turkey and that "dressing" is the sauce you put on your salad. It would be great if someone tells me what's going on! :)

  17. I loved this video. You go girl!

  18. 2:34 ILMAO I'm a carnivore, home made chicken broth i have a few gallons of it

  19. Leah Runyan says:

    could you use dried herbs? the only fresh spices I have on hand is lemon thyme, rosemary, parsley

  20. Nice recipe…looks really yummy. But I actually had to grin a lot at "some really great bread" since that loaf really doesn't even look decent. I'm sorry :D

  21. Ashley Roman says:

    Thank you for thinking of us vegetarians! ?❤️

  22. MO LuV says:

    This is so great! Thank you for sharing, definitely making it for thanksgiving dinner. Also where did you buy the white baking dish used in this video? Love the double handles on it.

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