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  1. Too funny. was eating the same exact ice cream watching this video.

  2. Put the dough in the freezer. IT Will be easier to roll out then?

  3. thank you ❤ ? love you ❤

  4. chillilover says:

    you both have such gorgeus smiles

  5. Theresa A says:

    Love this and you. Also, for the pie if you blend it in a food processor it will get completely smooth. That recipe is sooo good I make it all the time omg

  6. OhNoWell says:

    Ohmygod, these recipes sound amazing!

  7. Mariah Setta says:


  8. What's the difference between orange juice n a can and in a carton?
    Your mom is super cool!! Love her!

  9. Mya Kassim says:

    Claire!!! You and your mom are goals ? hope you had an amazing thanksgiving and I can't wait to make a pumpkin pie for Christmas. (it's good for any time of the year ☺ )

  10. BTW your cousin Emily has the most beautiful lips!

  11. The message and attitude throughout this entire video is so perfect! I love the approach that you and your mom have to sharing your vegan lifestyles. It makes it feel inclusive and kind which is a pretty great way to go about it. I don't really see the point in spreading the message of compassion towards animals while being the complete opposite to humans. You introduced something new to your family in a light funny way and didn't bash anyone else's plate of food you just asked if they would like to try what you made as well. People are much more likely to want to as you about why you're so happy, healthy, vibrant and content if you don't try to attack them and that is why I love your channel!!! I love you!!! I love what you share with the world 🙂 Everyone is different, but we can all be kind to one another and learn from each other. What your mom said is awesome that it's better to be kind and loving than to be right. I want a shirt/hat/bag that says something like that. LOVE>BEING RIGHT

    I'm glad you were able to spend Thanksgiving with your family and that you're healed. You can truly be thankful for your health this thanksgiving, huh. 😉 I think when we're young/healthy its easy to take our health for granted sometimes (even if we dont mean to) but we should really remind ourselves to be grateful because nothing is guaranteed. I'm definitely being more mindful of that lately after losing so many family members this past year and having others get really sick. Anyway not trying to be a downer, thank you for making me smile and for always being encouraging. Being kind changes lives and you are definitely doing that!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!


    P.S your mom is awesome!!!

  12. Yay! Looks so good!Your mom is just so <3 YouTube mom 😉 Wize words!

  13. You warm my heart! You look so happy at home with your mom! ??

  14. Claudia Anne says:

    I love your family's response to the pumpkin pie. Looks like you had a great day and I'm very grateful for everything you put out because your content is beautiful and authentic, as are you and your mum xx

  15. Best video ever (for vegans)

  16. Serene Zhang says:

    miss your smile so much! take care babe!

  17. Jennah Lee says:

    Your mom is so sweet!

  18. hey claire, I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me each and every day! You were one of the biggest reasons why i went vegan 4 months ago and I simply wanted to thank you for all your videos and tell you how much you've changed my life. You are such a wonderful girl and I hope you'll never lose your happiness! <3

    Sending you lots of love from Germany! xx

  19. I live in Ireland and we don't have Thanksgiving but we do have Christmas and I'm really not looking forward to it because my family will force me to eat so much non vegan food! even more then they usually do! 🙁 :(

  20. Your mom is SO PRECIOUS I cannot handle it omg! She makes me miss my own mom so much! <33

  21. x x says:

    heeeey claire❤ you're such a beautiful glowing soul. inspiring me everydsy to rejoice in my life❤ loooots of love

  22. This video made me so happy! You and your mum are beautiful people inside and out and I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving ?

  23. Jana Z. says:

    amazing video and amazing family ? Love you Claire ?

  24. Leona says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Claire! I'm Thankful for finding your channel :P

  25. Why was the orange juice so.. solid? haha Also we don't have pumpkin pie in Portugal and I don't even know what pumpkin spice is, but that pie looked delicious!

  26. Pj Belton says:

    You should try almond butter instead of vegan butter in the pastry!!! So good

  27. Maj da says:

    i'm gonna do a vegan xmas cake, when i said to my mum she was pretty enthousiastic which made me so happy! family is the best people and you understand it even more when you live far away from them..

  28. Renee Eshel says:

    Loved the intro !! This was so interesting to watch, as we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, much love Claire, I'm so thankful for your channel ❤️

  29. Mette Larsen says:

    You should let the dough set in the fridge for at least 30 min, then it's SOOO much easier to roll out. I do this every single time – I'm vegan too – and it never sticks when you do that. :D

  30. Justine B says:

    the edit at the begining is sooo lit! and that vegan pumpkim pie though. It's great to see you reunited with your mom, hope you had an amazing day x

  31. Sarah Bean says:

    Where do you get royalty free music?

  32. Sarah Bean says:

    Your mom is the cutest thing.

  33. Sarah Bean says:

    Is this your first thanksgiving as a vegan? I've been following you since you had 1K… do you miss non vegan foods at all?

  34. I love this video !! You and Your mom are so sweet <3

  35. You and your mom are so cute! And the recipes are very helpful 🙂 thankyou ??

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