Healthy & Easy Tuna Recipe : Gourmet Recipes

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19 Responses

  1. drjules888 says:

    Looks delicious! I've never heard of Creme Fraiche and vinegar dressing but we'll be trying it now. Thanks for posting this.

  2. bubblecooly says:

    Looks really yummy! Searing is the best way to cook a nice tuna steak.

  3. god most of you are so stuiped

  4. I tried "8 Olivos Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil" and WOW!! its amazing …I have been corrupted by bad olive oil. It is very light and clean or fresh tasting. I was definitely not prepared for the difference between this product and store bought olive oil.

  5. Judge Dredd says:

    Tuna and other fish are not Healthy, they have mercury in them, from marlin to flatfish…even sardines…

  6. I cant believe how stupid you guys are god I think my dad is the best chef in the world and when you need to give him crappie comments its harder to cook and I would like to see you try to cook it perfectly so next time you give a bad comment just think how you would feelthat you worked so hard and all you get is crappie comments because it can really bring people down and glove lady there was a thing called washing hands you dont need to where gloves thats so stupid

  7. How NOT to be gourmet …. – too much s&p, oil , and heat

  8. Jason G says:

    Too much oil ontop should have put it on right away after coming from the pan and a bit of lemon juice to protect it from falling apart as it did

  9. tuna is way better raw, all you "i like my filet mignon well done" types, get the hell out of here!

  10. george50 says:

    No thanks. Too much salt and tuna not cooked enough for me.

  11. 27Dupree27 says:

    The food looked great however, the plate was a little dirty, it had little dots and smudges on it.

  12. Dany W says:

    He should wear gloves while preparing food for ppl, otherwise it won't be hygienic.

  13. josephcheese says:

    it's meant to be like that….

  14. yeah I dont like anything raw either

  15. xjimmyx says:

    It is more tasty!

  16. that's how tuna is cooked.

  17. autentyk says:

    not the gourmet I was looking for.

  18. Jack L says:

    thats the point

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