Chicken Meal Prep – How To Meal Prep Chicken ($5 per meal) – FlavCity with Bobby

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26 Responses

  1. MORE MEAL PREP PLEASE! I just started working out and eating healthy again. I really do enjoy your videos! They are full of charm, good information, delicious recipes! Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Simpli_Nisa says:

    I would love to see a salmon or snapper meal prep. I'm definitely adding this chicken recipe to rotation!

  3. Rhea Dawn says:

    I absolutely love your meal prep videos! Recently moved out on my own and also started working out so these are so helpful!!

  4. Jane Prepper says:

    Thank YOU! I always wondered why my chicken was to tough.

  5. Skoro says:

    5$ per meal?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  6. So, I meal prepped your quinoa salad last night for this week!  I LOVE it!  I had to sample a bite as I was portioning things out!  So GOOD!  I am probably going to eat it cold today.  Is that what you do as well?

  7. Jojo Kaka says:

    those mealprep are perfect dude

  8. Aeh Rakhab says:

    Love your style, love your recipe,,,, and love you more!!!!! Thanks a lot for the idea of food for my diet;) XXXXX

  9. where do you buy your meal prep containers?

  10. as soon as he said vegitation station i was done

  11. Rhea Raut says:

    Hey Bobby. Please try some Indian meal prep?!

  12. This is the best looking meal prep I have EVER seen…just wish I could afford and find those ingredients! BTW…you are adorable! That chicken looks amazing!!!

  13. Seher Syed says:

    so funny and cute to watch and great recipes. Been through two videos and I'm sold!

  14. dude you look like the Shermanator from American pie

  15. A lot of recipes I have call for cumin.
    I'm the weirdo that hates cumin.
    Suggestions on substitutions?

  16. Sabrina Sass says:

    What is it you add to the quinoa salad? I'm danish and I really can't hear/figure out what the first thing is?

  17. Melleefrase says:

    New subscriber via Emmymadeinjapan

  18. nadia R says:

    omg,,!!! you just made my mouth watered. like that looks but yes more meal prep plz ?

  19. Omg !! You are best .. I did some of your recipes and they came out muy delicioso !!! Muchas gracias

  20. Jamie Chen says:

    love your meal prep series! Keep them coming!

  21. KittenBree says:

    omg you are adorable subscribed. X3 more meal prep??

  22. this is awesome ! but does it stay fresh in the fridge for five days ?

  23. Storing directions,please?

  24. Saima Bano says:

    great and simple ?

  25. Richard Noe says:

    Looks Great!. How long does it keep in the Fridge and how should you reheat it

  26. Peaches _ says:

    After your done do you freeze them?

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