Chicken Meal Prep – How To Meal Prep Chicken ($5 per meal) – FlavCity with Bobby

Learn how to meal prep and make chicken meal prep with my easy meal prep for chicken. Meal prepping and meal pepping chicken for meal prep is great for meal prep for weight loss and healthy meal prep. All of my meal prep ideas for how to meal prep and meal prepping are healthy meal prep and meal prep healthy. I eat this meal prep for meal prep bodybuilding and recipes for meal prep and meal prep recipes. Chicken meal prep is great for meal prep for the week, weight loss meal prep, and bodybuilding meal prep. My meal prep recipe for chicken meal prep is a great way to meal prep chicken and shows how to meal prep and chicken meal prep.


703 calories per meal
49 grams of protein per meal
23.6 grams of fat per meal
50 grams of carbs per meal
12.6 grams of fiber per meal

Get the kitchen hear I use:
glass meal prep containers:

microplane zester:

non-stick thongs:

lemon juicer:

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26 Responses

  1. MORE MEAL PREP PLEASE! I just started working out and eating healthy again. I really do enjoy your videos! They are full of charm, good information, delicious recipes! Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Simpli_Nisa says:

    I would love to see a salmon or snapper meal prep. I'm definitely adding this chicken recipe to rotation!

  3. Rhea Dawn says:

    I absolutely love your meal prep videos! Recently moved out on my own and also started working out so these are so helpful!!

  4. Jane Prepper says:

    Thank YOU! I always wondered why my chicken was to tough.

  5. Skoro says:

    5$ per meal?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  6. So, I meal prepped your quinoa salad last night for this week!  I LOVE it!  I had to sample a bite as I was portioning things out!  So GOOD!  I am probably going to eat it cold today.  Is that what you do as well?

  7. Jojo Kaka says:

    those mealprep are perfect dude

  8. Aeh Rakhab says:

    Love your style, love your recipe,,,, and love you more!!!!! Thanks a lot for the idea of food for my diet;) XXXXX

  9. where do you buy your meal prep containers?

  10. as soon as he said vegitation station i was done

  11. Rhea Raut says:

    Hey Bobby. Please try some Indian meal prep?!

  12. This is the best looking meal prep I have EVER seen…just wish I could afford and find those ingredients! BTW…you are adorable! That chicken looks amazing!!!

  13. Seher Syed says:

    so funny and cute to watch and great recipes. Been through two videos and I'm sold!

  14. dude you look like the Shermanator from American pie

  15. A lot of recipes I have call for cumin.
    I'm the weirdo that hates cumin.
    Suggestions on substitutions?

  16. Sabrina Sass says:

    What is it you add to the quinoa salad? I'm danish and I really can't hear/figure out what the first thing is?

  17. Melleefrase says:

    New subscriber via Emmymadeinjapan

  18. nadia R says:

    omg,,!!! you just made my mouth watered. like that looks but yes more meal prep plz ?

  19. Omg !! You are best .. I did some of your recipes and they came out muy delicioso !!! Muchas gracias

  20. Jamie Chen says:

    love your meal prep series! Keep them coming!

  21. KittenBree says:

    omg you are adorable subscribed. X3 more meal prep??

  22. this is awesome ! but does it stay fresh in the fridge for five days ?

  23. Storing directions,please?

  24. Saima Bano says:

    great and simple ?

  25. Richard Noe says:

    Looks Great!. How long does it keep in the Fridge and how should you reheat it

  26. Peaches _ says:

    After your done do you freeze them?

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