Easy Keto Recipes! 3 Night Single Serving Keto Dinner Plan | Simple Low Carb Meals

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Easy Keto Recipes! 3 Night Single Serving Keto Dinner Plan | Simple Low Carb Meals

Megha has the house to herself for 3 days and put that time to good use by coming up with a few easy keto recipes. These easy keto recipes use the same simple ingredients over the course of 3 nights and are super simple to prepare. If you’re starting keto on your own, or you live alone, this video will show you how to create delicious and easy keto recipes for one! If you stick around to the end you might even see megha bust a move..

Check us out on social media, we are putting out all kinds of high quality high fat content! Comment below and let us know what you think. We will be posting new videos twice a week and 3 recipes/blog posts a week. We are working hard to provide you with the tools to enjoy and succeed on your Keto journey. Feedback, suggestions, and interaction of any kind is always welcome. You can even request recipes and we’ll see what we can come up with. Thanks for watching!

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29 Responses

  1. raj bansode says:

    you are so beautiful

  2. I'm sure you already know this, but I'll say it anyway. Have you ever tried using slices of provolone for taco shells? Just put one on a paper plate or parchment lined plate and wave until almost all brown. Pry it off the plate and while it's still warm fold into a taco shell. Blowing helps it cool while forming. I can be a bit hot at first but cools fast.

  3. Masha'Allah very nice food ? I wish I be there Ever things is beautiful god bless you in this life and Hear aftar

  4. Hello! I'm so glad I stumbled on to your channel! I am brand new to keto and I appreciate all the information you guys have for us. Also love the dance at the end!!!! :)

  5. Fairly new to your channel and to keto. Changing to the keto lifestyle and trying to drop 100 pounds. Thanks for the great meal ideas!

  6. Ruth 875 says:

    Great idea!!!!! I surely will be making this recipe! Thanks.

  7. Where do you buy those noodles?

  8. I've read that everyone RINSES those noodles throughly in cold water before cooking.

  9. Peter Morin says:

    Carrots = not keto.

  10. Julie Gibson says:

    Guys it's after the millennium. Cut to the chase. Faster editing plz.

  11. McMacZee says:

    I really liked this video, you should definitely do more! Could you also put the macros in each video just so we have an idea of what they are? Awesome! Thanks again for the great video and food ideas!

  12. I can appreciate the hell outta someone who loves sour cream and mayo like I do. Subscribed.

  13. just discovered this channel & can't stop watching, love your videos! y'all are awesome

  14. I make the same but use cabbage leaves lightly steamed. Much more filling and fibre is amazing to keep you full.

  15. fizzyjizzz says:

    6:10 bottom left, we got some pussy action.

  16. Dawnf27 says:

    Have you lost weight you look slimmer ?? ??

  17. Isaac Newton says:

    Kraft cheese !! ?? Seriously ?

  18. Sonja Kremer says:

    Love you Megha! So inspiring!

  19. I've been watching at least 1-2 hours of keto videos a day from multiple content creators. You two are by far my #1. I feel lucky to have come across your content. I think those of us that have become fans know what I mean. thank you guys for the AWESOME content!!

  20. Wulfrun 9 says:

    Love all these recipes thanks!

  21. See Tammy says:

    What app do you use for your videos? I really like it

  22. See Tammy says:

    It's nice to find you. I subscribed I hope you'll subscribe ???

  23. the key with those noodles is just rinse it with hit water for about 3 min and all the smell is gone :)

  24. do you ever eat bananas? I'm not sure it's a keto food..

  25. I saw the pumpkin ice cream sandwich..looks grand..

  26. new fan, love your recipes..please make a cranberry recipe, stuffing type recipe, and a couple desserts for turkey day!

  27. Great video….anyway I don't eat much veggies in my keto foods.

  28. Loved this video! Thanks 🙂 New fan, subscribed!!!! ?

  29. This channel is so clutch for me, just starting keto

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