Grilled Fish + Sauté Spinach: Easy Healthy Delicious Cooking

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40 Responses

  1. Deconjam says:

    What about the fish????

  2. dedi putra says:

    very good! going to try this. thank you Julia!

  3. Johnny Tapia says:

    Marry me, im a millionare

  4. natural426 says:

    He is great at slicing!!!!

  5. Sonia Farooq says:

    Very impressed with the slicing!

  6. cant i just blanch the spinach? or it wont work out as well?

  7. misterbig26 says:

    I wanted to learn how to cook fish!

  8. FUnkyassazn says:

    Tutorial on your boy's knife cutting skills lol

  9. Ugly says:

    he is so quiet you could have painted his nails and played this off very easily 😉 Nice now i feel like i cute everything like a cave man lol I cooking this for dinner thank you 

  10. blair wagner says:

    smells SSSSSo good

  11. joeribelgium says:

    try ad the mushrooms after the spinach is done, if you trow them in before you lose lots of the flavor

  12. kevin tran says:

    That chopping was so sexy!

  13. lovetocook says:

    the recipe looks yummy! and you are right – your boyfriend is a talented slicer! :)

  14. It's a swiss-german accent!

  15. Wow I just found this video by searching for saute spinach and I am subbed to your beauty channel <3 It was such a pleasant surprise to see it was you! I am subbing and I am also making the spinach with baked salmon tonight lol. Thanks for all your great videos!

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  17. Gabriel Gabi says:

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  18. Wow it look so good I'm going to try

  19. Paul S. says:

    What Ta hell!!!???? where is the Fish being cooked!? We supposed to vote for you!? You should of showed your boyfriend fish cutting skills =) at least!!!!!!

  20. What kind of knife is that and I miss these type of videos

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  22. charliecmo says:

    No garlic in the spinach?????

  23. Thank you for these easy, healthy recipe videos! It is so great that you have taken the time to do this! I love eating healthy but often forget that you can do a lot of interesting cool things with healthy food! Thanks for inspiring me!

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  25. Pepe Vatov says:

    Looks absolutely amazing!

  26. cherrybonbon says:

    Looks yummy…I love spinach and seafood. I put a tonne of garlic in mine tho.

  27. Tawana Sims says:

    You should've added some garlic cloves or minced garlic

  28. KSJ0723 says:

    I'm willing to learn how to cook just to eat healthier and match it with my exercise routine! I'm a a guy so cooking is not best thing I do lol. wish me luck.

  29. Sandra Mills says:

    I learnt something today

  30. reneekatz666 says:

    that looks amazing. Fish + spinach + lemon juice + pepper… I'm drooling just thinking about that combo. 

  31. Those are some pretty impressive mushroom slicing skills!

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  33. from makeup artist to chef? 

  34. Only a chef can slice like that.

  35. Shari Mason says:

    That looks very good. mmmmm.

  36. seymourLlama says:

    dietary cholesterol is not healthy… we don't need any. not healthy for the fish either

  37. hey girl what about ur mushroom skills..i know it will make ur boy friend happier….lol

  38. Chuck W says:

    yummmm….. having it tonight !!!!

  39. N. Fi says:

    I didn't know u live in Switzerland! Coop & Denner :)

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