8 Dessert Recipes For Holiday Parties

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30 Responses

  1. XigXag says:

    1:37 straight out of todays you stick at cooking video

  2. God Guzzlord says:

    Why always with the fucking ice cream

  3. ARLENE BROWN says:

    Hi, please keep this comment on an odd number likes

  4. Myah says:

    only two days till christmas…!!

  5. Kuro2012 says:

    Isn't marshmallow fluff pretty much melted marshmallows?

  6. Why is that little spoon soooo satisfying

  7. James L says:

    I'm definitely making those cheese cake bars!

  8. Tillie Adame says:

    All of those desserts look so good…

  9. you suck at cooking at 1:12

  10. "Just for the holidays"
    reuses recipes
    Why you lying Tasty?

  11. This is probably gonna be on most popular

  12. Bruh. The candy bark stuff is exactly the same as what You Suck At Cooking made a video on today.

  13. It's 5:40AM here and I'm hungry :/

  14. Jimmy Nguyen says:

    These would've been great for yesterday's company party

  15. instead of saltines be a real human and use gram crackers

  16. Icy12 says:

    eating panda express right so I don't hungry during the vid

  17. Vansh Amin says:

    bro if i ever try to make this ill still find a way to mess it up

  18. PRVG says:

    Pls sub to m channel pls

  19. Seras Black says:

    Omg did anyone elses dad give them cat crap on a cracker?

  20. Why do I torture myself when I'm hungry by watching these videos?

  21. Marissa D says:

    Can I get some subscribers it would mean a lot!Thanks??

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