3 Lunchbox Ideas Featuring Salads (COLLAB WITH GIRLS WITH GLASSES!)

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29 Responses

  1. Thanks for the ideas Beth! I love your videos. It would be great to have more videos like these. Quick and easy recipes that we can make every week.

  2. Brittni says:

    eek this all looks so good! thank you!! can't wait to try out the last one : )

  3. Deb Beroff says:

    Can you substitute parsley for the cilantro in the dressing? i just don't care for it. thx. great ideas!

  4. will try the beet salad this week!

  5. Beth, i loved the three salads! I eat a salad every day and i´m happy for three new ideas to add to my repertory! Great combination of flavours and ingredients!

    Have a very happy sunday!


  6. Vidya Dutta says:

    Avocado is not easily available in this part of the world. Could you please suggest a substitute for it. Some other creamy dressing.

  7. Kat K. says:

    I watch and enjoy your videos regardless but thank you for including meatless options! <3

  8. sugarspundt says:

    Thank you for always including vegan options in your videos! :)

  9. Emma S says:

    Thank you for meat free recipe options!! ❤️

  10. These salads look amazing!!!! Cannot wait to try! Adding to my menu this week! Yum! ??

  11. workofivory says:

    Yesss just what I need for the new year! Thanks Beth!

  12. I'm not a big fan of salads, but MAN these are some great salad ideas! Love your channel! Glad I subscribed!

  13. Daniel Calvo says:

    Looove the containers. Where'd you get them??

  14. I had to write down the Southwestern Chicken Salad recipe 🙂 It's pretty simple at the end, but I LOVE it and I hope I'll have an opportunity to try it ASAP :)

  15. Poot Lovato says:

    Where did you get those pretty glass lunch boxes? :)

  16. Don't have kids so these will be going in my lunch box!

  17. 375F says:

    They all look so yummy :)

  18. FitAnge S says:

    Wow I love these salads Beth, they're all wonderful. Thank you

  19. zz22 says:

    For beet salad – try marinated beets, spinach, feta cheese and roasted sunflower seeds. Amazing!!!

  20. johnntanya says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, Beth. Your lunchbox idea videos are my favorites!

  21. 3239861 says:

    what is the dressing for the last salad? these look wonderful a definite try for sure. Everything I tried from your channel has been a hit with my family!!

  22. i can't wait to try these. they look great! also where did you get the lunch boxes?

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