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  1. I would love to have a fox or one of those wolf hybrid dogs. :)

  2. My ideal pwt would be a dog a freindly one who loves to play with u even when uits tired and jumps on u when u come home from school and loves u even if sometimes u dont feed him or change his water

    Its not just ideal he was mine:(

    His name was bonito is english its mean good it beutiful he never came back from following my mom from the laudry place he was a white small poodle going so close to 7 years man i lived him he wasnt the cutest but when i would give air kisses he would move his ears and lick hes lips weirs i know maby nasty but i wish i took better care if him i was so selfish im such a terrible owner. ☹️

  3. I have a cat. my ideal pet is a cat, because they represent subtle power.

  4. I've been watching your videos for some time now, and your dishes make my mouth water. I am always excited to see your videos which is more than I can say for a lot of YouTubers. These look amazing, and though I'm not vegan, I plan to try them, especially the ice cream cone. Thanks. until next time

  5. a rock. Sorry my schedule doesn't allow for time to take care of a living being.

  6. Christy H says:

    why do vegans give their food meat names, why not just call it what it really is?

  7. Cnaya Warren says:

    my ideal animal would be a hairless dog or a hairless cat!!! ik that's weird but the only reason I want one is b/c no one gets them and I always wanted one?

  8. Jessie Maree says:

    Excellent recipes as usual! I'd love to adopt a greyhound and a cow :)

  9. Mine would be a blue tounge skink

  10. Someone has probably asked this but is your boyfriend vegan as well?

  11. Viral Hits says:

    Why did the vegan cross the road?

    Because she was protesting for the chicken.

  12. My ideal pet would be a lizard!

  13. tacones means heels in spanish so it's even cooler!! i love it

  14. This hair colour suits you so well!!! 🙂 you look so pretty and I love this kind of videos? My ideal pet would be a pug 🙂 I actually had a pug, it was a puppy but passed away :'(

  15. I don't eat animal meats or milk or eggs. I don't wear wool or leather.

    I feel so good about myself!…

    Oh and don't use the following:

    I won't use a cell phone or computer because animals suffer due to the processing of the materials they are made of and how humans aquire them. Such as plastic/metals in the pollution factories they come from… built over stripped wildlife habitats (I'm having a friend type this but later on i will cut myself with a rock to feel less bad)

    I don't have a house or live in a building because after I bought one I became vegan and realized prarie dogs, mice, snakes, deer and other wildlife inhabited the land first before it was built over by invading humans so I tore it down and returned it to them.

    Electricity production takes factories which takes the strip mining of metal ore/ petrol/ coal etc which ruins animal land and polutes the air/water the animals need. Stupid humans ?

    I don't use roads or cars because there are miles of slabs of concrete highways through animal habitat and millions of animals including insects die of automobiles every year!

    I don't use hospitals because they are on animal habitat and the drugs we use are farmed from land they could be living on that was cleared for corporate use.

    Only use medicines gathered in the wild.

    I also don't wear cotton or linen or hemp or eat store bought produce because it's farmed and sold on stolen wildlife habitat and those evil cars transport it!

    Even the whole foods store location and farmers market is killing animals.

    I'm always nude that is animal friendly.

    I'm strictly a gatherer/ grazer and I feel bad because I stole it from the animals who could eat it instead. I try not to walk around because statistically I'm bound to step on bugs as I walk ( which is rude and oppressive as part of my internalized person privilege)

    I sleep on top of a salt flat because it's not very animal or plant friendly so I can feel like I'm not inconveniencing any other beings while I sleep there.

    I think my whole species should go extinct because we are a genetic mutation; also because anything and everything human beings have done , have or accomplished since about the bronze age has been due to animal slavery, exploitation and abuse! I carry the GUILT of ALL past generations on MY shoulders! ?

    As a species we OWE them reparations and we should all die to return the resorces to the true inhabitants of this Earth.

    I am the ultimate vegan! and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for your pathetic half assed attempts at being "vegan" while you sleep on beds and live in comfort bought with the blood and tears of eons of suffering animals!

    I am the superior enlightened vegan! Only I can pass self righteous judgement upon you. My ego is very satisfied knowing I am morally better than all who dwell in homes at the expense of the wild cats and pigs that were relocated to make it so!

    After all

    that wonderful feeling of self superiority and martyrdom is the ultimate first world problem which is what veganism is truly about.


    Every second of life from birth to death is animal exploitation.

    You are the problem.

    ? peace and love my fellow human pests?

  16. Joshua Ricks says:

    aw these were super creative and awesome!

  17. Cat John says:

    Olivia's parents must be so proud of her she seems like such a beautiful young woman inside & out, what this world needs!

  18. TBH I like animals but I hate being around them. Like give me pictures and I look at them all day but put one in front of me and I will walk away. Dont ask me why but I guess im just super weird.

  19. OhBrytBirdy says:

    Those taco cones ! I wanna try! They look so yummy!

  20. ladle says:

    My ideal pet(s) would be what I have now, two sweet rescue kitties. 🙂 (PS. you and your man make such a cute couple!)

  21. Leah Robbins says:

    My ideal pet would be a St. Bernard or a Dachshund

  22. OMG You and your man at the end, so freaking adorable. Love the small change!

  23. Tiana Pug says:

    if vegans hate the fact animals get killed and eaten, than why is there fake meat?

  24. mine would be a velociraptor

  25. i love your passion that you eminate it's what makes me watch every time it drops in my sub box ?

  26. I'd really like a small pet snake or a mini schnauzer dog

  27. Love these ideas so much! They're so adorable especially the taco cone yum!

  28. I also would want a big dog, actually, lots of them! I used to, but now I have only one dog and a hamster. I also love cats! And all the other animals! I can't choose one, I want all of them! =P
    Thank you for the recipes! :)

  29. my ideal pet is a tamed fox. (yeah i need to be more realistic) but if i'm being realistic i want a big st.bernard!

  30. i'm throwing a party next week, i'm so going to make them

  31. a rescued Dog and pig, looove them <3

  32. Gabbi Grzona says:

    Mine would be a cat 🙂 or a bunny

  33. just wondering is he vegan? 🙂 love these recipes!!

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