6 Energy-Boosting Toast Ideas | Better Breakfasts

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47 Responses

  1. Rk Carson II says:

    nice video you did ☺

  2. Kira Duncan says:

    You Are so close to 1 M !!!

  3. Mm, egg-avocado is my fav! I'll have to add tomato to it next time! That Mediterranean toast is calling my name ! ?

  4. Mark Andrew says:

    oohhhh dass a LOT of salt

  5. Grape and goat cheese toast!? ? I'm in love!!

  6. I havent seen that bread at the market? what store did you get it? thanks

  7. madelynss says:

    That strawberry one seems delicious!!!!!

  8. This came right on time! I was needing new breakfast ideas ???

  9. Congrats on your team up with Dempster's! BTW lovely toast ?

  10. ror ror says:

    Who else likes sara's videos before even watching it ?

  11. Ebuje1 says:

    I have never seen anyone use savoury whipped cream cheese here in Australia, how is it made?

  12. Ruby Lulham says:

    I love your videos so much! You're so energetic and bubbly, it makes me so happy to watch you! Also, who doesn't love watching videos about food hahaha

  13. Sara Sara says:

    Hi sara ,, can you make low carb high fat meal ??
    I really adore your cooking ??

  14. NicoleRed says:

    I'm from Kalamata!!!! I loved the Mediterranean spin you gave to the simplicity of toast!!!

  15. Tz Si says:

    Toast with feta cheese and watermelon~ so good <3

  16. can you send me a link to purchase the salt and pepper grinders you are using please?

  17. Ahh! This video is much much needed

  18. Le Joy says:

    I know it's weird but now I want a P&J sandwich!

  19. nerdowlwho says:

    I love all of your puns!! ???

  20. Almost to a million!!!!! ❤️??

  21. Alexis Diaz says:

    hi my name is Lexi's and I am 12 and I been trying to lose weight and it is so hard and I was wondering if you could help me will losing weight tell me what to do plz and I need to be skanky by 6 grade and that is next year I get picked on and called names plz help me

  22. mommyeva2 says:

    Looks amazing!!! I need to try all of them ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️?

  23. Yanni Hurt says:

    my favorite go-to toast in the morning is turkey pepperoni some horseradish with feta cheese and peanut butter

  24. hello7788 says:

    I was salivating… LOL! I want any toast that involves feta!

  25. You are so sweet! I love your personality, sending you so much love!

  26. Jola Laguda says:

    Every time she says a pun I die a bit inside

  27. Tracy Herwig says:

    OMG….I am SO having that goat cheese-honey-grape-walnut one for dessert!!

  28. A.N.G. Shaw says:

    I'm here for the puns ?…. and the food ?

  29. Hey Sara, I've been watching your channel for awhile now and I've never seen a video for lunches that would appeal to kids that are middle school aged or above, could you make a video like that please? Love your channel! <3

  30. Tanya Walker says:

    I have got to try the ants on a "board" LOL!

  31. Ming Li says:

    I had cheese cake for breakfast today, thats only thing in my fridge :'(

  32. Jack D says:

    "Ain't nobody got time fo dat!"

  33. Great idea! Love your recipe Egg avocado salad and Smoke salmon with lighter cream cheese, have always been my favorite food! as healthy food always. Thank you

  34. Wendy says:

    they all look delicious!! Except the celeri one though, can't seem to get use to the taste..! xx

  35. aliza says:

    your brilliant! i absolutley LOVE all your vids!

  36. Ksnamaste says:

    my fav is the avocado and egg. looks delicious

  37. Yummy all that is good and healthy ????❤❤. Thanks a lot Sarah

  38. my daughters like to put peanut butter banana and raisins on their toast I like adding apple butter to that

  39. Can't wait to try those reciepes with my future goats products ?

  40. peachss13 says:

    I like to mix a little bit of tahini into cream cheese to spread onto toast and then top with cucumbers and sesame seeds (or put straight onto the cucumbers and cut out the toast completely)

  41. Soya Beans says:

    oh my… I'm a toast person. my morning is not complete without toasted bread and with natural crunchy peanut butter with homemade sour jam. thank you for sharing this wonderful ideas… muah! ❤

  42. Fe-Fe Pez says:

    What could I substitute the avocado with? (I have vegan mayo but I don't like having that in the morning.)

  43. Awesome ideas!!! I love the avocado and the strawberry toast yummy

  44. Jody Pickett says:

    I wouldn't make any of them. :(

  45. Stefany Pham says:

    For some reason you remind me of Ellen Degeneres. The toasts look amazing tho. ??

  46. Hey you almost have 1 million subscribers!!! I subscribed when you only had 3k thats crazy! :)

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