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  1. Kate Vegan says:

    May try this. Yummy!!!

  2. Hi, Kate have you hear of Lissa's Raw Romance she has a recipe book that you can get on Amazon that also comes in Ebook that is all about how to stay raw in the winter if you are interested also Dan the Man the Liferegenerator he made a online course on how to stay Rawvegan in the winter as well. Markus Rothkranz he does a lot of awesome recipes for Rawvegan also Tammy Raw and Mimi Kirk and raw advantage. Just in case you didn't hear about these people before. Your meal does look good and I'm glad you are using cauliflower instead of rice, but are you doing some more Rawvegan recipes videos?

  3. Xavier Rocco says:

    very nice Kate! Looking forward to seeing more recipes!

  4. Why no lettuce??? Thats my fave part!

  5. I look forward to your videos very single week- everything you post is so good!!

  6. Layla Smith says:

    Hiiii love you so much !!!?

  7. I love the pans … my mom gave me a set and they are awesome

  8. I will be making it for sure!! on next week's menu for the whole family :D

  9. I need this rn I don't even care that it's 11pm lmaooo

  10. This will ABSOLUTELY be my meal prep meal for this week!!

  11. Looks delicious, Kate! You're the cutest thing ever. Thanks for keeping our cravings within reach in a healthy way!

  12. Core Joy says:

    Being raw vegan, I completely understand the cold weather aspect as its raining here in N. California. I created a super yummy way of staying raw, however is warming & simply delish!
    I chop up all kinds of veggies, greens, sprouts, & avocado, maybe add some kelp noodles.
    Then make a rich dressing, like garlic-lemon-tahini, stir it into the veggies, and marinate.
    I just add hot water to make a delicious warm soup!
    It's even better the next day after it thickens & then more water is added.
    I have this soup with mustard kale chips! Yummy!!!?

  13. Jade Green says:

    I've never had cauliflower is it nice??

  14. Kayyla Ford says:

    Love the lip color you are wearing in this video♡

  15. Used to work at Chipotle for two years. I can attest to this being a pretty good substitute! Haha. Plus no "it's a $1.50 extra for guac is that okay??" xD (or whatever the heck they charge for it now!)

  16. Looks so colourful and delicious!! I want to try cauliflower rice!! I'm going to add quinoa, brown rice or tofu (Chipotle Sofritas-style) for an extra kick! ??

  17. Over 115k subbies .. I can see you easy getting to 200k in 2017 ! I lovee you & your channel

  18. This looks amazing! I'm a month into my (slow) transition to vegetarianism/veganism and I'm super excited to try this recipe out ?

  19. Aleen R says:

    This recipe looks so good!! You should get a good quality knife sharpener!

  20. I think I'll be making this for dinner tomorrow night. Am I the only person who has never eaten at Chipotle?

  21. Love love LOVE this!! Totally making this :)

  22. Jc Berry says:

    I'm exited to try this recipe it looks so great love watching your videos always make my day better ??

  23. You look great in this video! And yay! Ready for more food/recipe posts! ?? j'adore ♥️

  24. I love and admire you, Kate. I watch your videos constantly for inspiration about not just food, but also life. I am currently battling depression. In fact, right before I watched this video, I was having really bad, terrible thoughts about life and ending it, and I get on YouTube and here's this gorgeous person making a burrito bowl (which I love! I LOVE burrito bowls) and just LIVING! And I want so badly to want to live. So, thank you and Mae for inspiring me to live.

  25. Kat Westmark says:

    Seems like the next video is going to be "Why I DOn't Eat Grains" lol…

  26. Ashley Moser says:

    Always love watching you! Just curious, why no grains?

  27. I saw Chipotle Burrito Bowl and didn't even think twice. EARLY AF CREW

  28. What brand / color nail polish are you wearing?

  29. Why don't you eat grains??

  30. Why no grains? Isn't corn a grain?

  31. Omg this has been my go to lunch all week except uncooked! It's so stinking good and filling and super fresh❤️❤️❤️

  32. Liliana A says:

    Yay!!!! I'm so siked you showed how to make cauliflower rice with a food processor, for some reason I thought you had to have a fancy gadget or something…

  33. Loved it! You make it look so easy!

  34. Whenever you come out with a video, I jump a little from so much excitement LOL

  35. Yay a cooked recipe! I would love a cooked recipe HCLF ebook! ❤❤

  36. Slimy Pixel says:

    … 4 am in Germany.. yeah, a new reason to don't go sleep :D

  37. looks so delicious thank you for your videos

  38. look really good kate <3 ? love you

  39. Love this video and you??

  40. love your videos so much


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