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43 Responses

  1. I usually get caught up on YouTube videos while cooking

  2. Definitely trying them all!! What chocolate chips do you use?

  3. Yolanda Chen says:

    The recipes look incredible. Too bad I live on res without an oven </3

  4. I'd probably listen to music or play games if I cooked. Maybe read as well.

  5. Lo Jo says:

    Pp doesn't fit at all ?

  6. These look delicious oh my goddd

  7. Where do your buy your vegan alternatives (butter, cream cheese, Nutella, etc..)? ?

  8. cooking food + sherlock holmes audio books ?

  9. TayTayShock says:

    we have timbits in america?

  10. Joy S NoDot says:

    These are amazingly simple.. thank you. I have a question. What type of sugar do you use. It sticks together like brown sugar.

  11. Moo Shayler says:

    I love watching YouTube videos with my mum while we're cooking. Love the video! ?

  12. afriicat says:

    being vegan have never been so delicious ?

  13. Sarah Eckert says:

    love the video I'm on level 131 ? I'm so addicted

  14. Nadine says:

    You got the best vegan food channel in my opinion <3

  15. i am a new vegan and as always i crave chocolate, so thank you for fulfilling my chocolate cravings! x

  16. I literally eat while cooking

  17. I'll go vegan one day. But right now I do not have the luxury of being able to afford dairy alternatives and fresh veggies/fruits on a regular basis. Maybe when I'm not a starving student.

  18. Oh Boi Lin says:

    Damn this food porn gurl ?
    Also your Make-up is on point ?

  19. Sel Destiny says:

    damn I just made the Vegan Corner's cookies today… but Im deffo going to try the nutella one (very soon) ? #byediet

  20. Sydney Ojeda says:

    GIRL. I cannot. These look INCREDIBLE!

  21. Megan Kim says:


  22. Kate C says:

    1000th like ???

  23. what is your eyeshadow?

  24. tamara sosa says:

    I'm trying to trasition to a more healthy lifestyle , and sweets are the hardest for me, but now it will be easier with these recipes! love your channel! thanks!

  25. Jane Cheng says:

    These cookies look amazing ?? definitely want to try these!!

  26. lauren how says:

    I've never clicked on something so fast
    Love all ur recipes and what i eat in a day liv <3

  27. For the vegan butter can I sub it for vegan margarine?

  28. Love them! it looks really yum, I can´t wait to make them :)

  29. miaalicex says:

    You're so pretty I love your hair like that! ?

  30. Hey Liv, I really love your recipes and every one that I tried was truly amazing! Do you have any recommendations for gluten free flour alternatives? I haven't been able to find one that comes even close to normal flour.
    thanks in advance 🙂
    I hope you had a lovely day!

  31. xgenesys says:

    Veganism is restrictive they said…

  32. Kendal says:

    Speaking of timbits… I would would love to see a vegan version of that 🙂 Great video as always!!

  33. fabbiee333 says:

    it looks so easy! definitely going to try these :)

  34. Can you use PB instead of the vegan Nutella

  35. Lilly-Aurora says:

    This made my mouth water <3

  36. Mariah M. says:

    Such great recipes once again Liv!
    Have you ever tried making any of these cookies using whole wheat flour? It is all I have on hand at the moment, and these just look too good to pass up :)

  37. The minute she said "games" I knew where this was going…. lol

  38. r r says:


  39. Those nutella cookies look so delicious!! I'm definitely going to have to make those ?

  40. Emma M says:

    Everything looks so yummy!

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