Dinner For Two | Lemony Chicken & Bacon Bucatini | I Heart Recipes

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44 Responses

  1. mssurvivor07 says:

    Do you have any wine recs?

  2. lyrikah says:

    You had me at bacon!

  3. willydawgs says:

    I have never seen bucatini before — I need this in my life! This dish looks delicious!

  4. This looks amazing I'm definitely making this!

  5. AngieMo43 says:

    Hi, I love this dish but I don't eat chicken. Would it work with shrimp? Thanks!

  6. GetLow33460 says:

    ? I live for a great Rosie date night recipe? I can't wait to make this for my husband?

  7. coolc mitch says:

    rosie you did it to me again, me an my husband will eat this when his off next week… I'm hipe!

  8. I swear I need a big woman in my life this skinny pretty females gots no bars?

  9. Is the wine optional?

  10. Efoxy 82 says:

    great video I'm definitely going to try this for date night keep up the good work Rosie!!!❤

  11. I could do with out the garlic Parmesan cheese I'm watching my weight thank you

  12. S. Malone says:

    gonna try this gonna use cured turkey bacon though we've been pork free for 4yrs now….I know nothing is better but my honey is much healthier ! thx Rosie this is mouth watering

  13. Looks amazing! Can the wine be substituted for anything else?

  14. Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoy your videos. You're amazing?

  15. Abigail Abby says:

    What type of white wine do you use for this recipe?

  16. KillTheQueen says:

    I love it because I feel like I make the same dishes over and over this is a good twist for my family and I thanks again ?

  17. KillTheQueen says:

    looks awesome so going to give this a try thank you beautiful

  18. lisa d says:

    I loooove Barilla. I'm on their mailing list and they send recipes all the time. What you just made looks awesome, plus you made it look simple. Love your channel!

  19. That's looks good, i have to try this one thanks for sharing.

  20. onesexytan says:

    Looks great, I may have to do this. I would saute the garlic and tomatoes in the bacon fat first though, before adding all the other ingredients.

  21. vena2g2006 says:

    Rosie that looks amazing! Can't wait to try this. pleass do more videos like this. thank you!

  22. lucid mimi says:

    WoW looks and sounds delicious! Bravo!

  23. Nicole Davis says:

    Oh my word!!!! This looks so so good! I gotta make this!!!!

  24. mmmmm greatness again!

  25. Kay F says:

    Love the dinner for two recipes

  26. chelle says:

    Rosie AWESOME recipe can u make more Dinner for two recipes please xoxo

  27. beautiful for Valentine's day. thank u?

  28. What type of white wine did you recommend?

  29. I was just on your channel earlier looking at a recipe.

  30. Alisa Wooten says:

    Looks very delicious ?

  31. Animerai says:

    I love the dinner for 2 series please make more <3

  32. Destiny B says:

    This pasta looks frackin awesome, Rosie. Barilla pasta is the truth! I can't wait to try this meal.

  33. Maica says:

    Great recipe!

  34. WOW – that really looks delicious I really don't like chicken that much, but this dish really looks good I'm going to give it a try. Thanks Rosie??

  35. smo0chi3 says:

    I'm so happy dinner for 2 is back:)

  36. Aww my grandmother had a very similar dish. You just brought tears to my eyes I think I will be making this very soon just to remember her..

  37. Looks fabulous Rosie. Great job!

  38. Erma Evans says:

    Looks Delicious.

  39. 2DopeKitchen says:

    You had me at Bacon ?? I genuinely think that bacon should be in the list of "aphrodisiacs" ??? Dope recipe!

  40. The food looks so good

  41. trying this tonight I'm going to try chicken broth. I am off tonight this is just in TIME!!

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