Menthe hittina Anna | Rice dish using Menthya hittu | Easy Rice Recipes

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16 Responses

  1. Preetham 69 says:

    it's just amazing thanks for sharing. …

  2. Manasa V says:

    Hello mam.. I have tried most of ur recipes. . Everything came out good.. My husband likes ur recipes.. Will also try this new recipe too.. Mam one request please can you make a video showing how to prepare vegetables n green leaves side dishes (palyagalu) for chapati, roti etc..

  3. vijaya rao says:

    madam thank u very much for menthe hittu, gojju, chitraanna, wah vandan maadi 4 bage madkobodu lots of thanks.

  4. Madam menthe hittu mado link share madi pls couldn't find it

  5. Nandini Sr says:

    nice idea! new variety of chitranna. will try definetly

  6. potato chips hege heli tumba dinadinda kaita iddeeeni nim video

  7. thank you so much for sharing, I used to eat this a lot when I was a kid.

  8. menthya hittu angadi alli sigutha madam

  9. idanna bananthiyarige kodabahuda?

  10. rasool gulam says:

    supper eidya ?????

  11. madam menthya hittu Ninna ne madidhu. thumba chennagi ithu.thanks for sharing

  12. wow!!!!!!! super & simple receipe thorsidri thank you soooo much

  13. ,? nicely explained.

  14. namratha rao says:

    bisi annakke tuppa menthya hitting jote nimbe rasa haki taste inu sooper…illi sanjose chali ge olle idea..thanks

  15. chaya v says:

    tumba ishta aytu…..

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