HEALTHY Butter Chicken | Indian Recipes for Weight Loss | BeerBiceps Chicken Makhani

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  1. bro if possible u plz change ur hairstyle ?so that u luk more osm

  2. is that you cooking in the video ranveer ?

  3. Can somebody help me? I started a low carb diet 2 days ago and my diet so far has been a 2 banana 10 medium sized strawberry shake which I then workout after then lunch has been 3 eggs with about a cup of spinach and dinner is either salmon or chicken with spinach. I do strength training Monday through Friday and play basketball on Saturday and Sunday. I've been losing some weight but I want to make sure I'm not doing this low carb diet wrong. I would love for some help on if I'm doing things wrong or whether I should keep things up. Any things appreciated Thanks!

  4. vir batra says:

    Ahhaha thanks man my dinner is sorted

  5. The Arrow says:

    Are yr.. You should have told in starting that Microwave will also be used so I would not have watched till end.
    I don't have Oven.

  6. what oven you use bro?

  7. Kitchu Geths says:

    What if I don't have an oven?

  8. what do u think of Crossfit?

  9. Whaaat, No cream in butter chicken??

  10. Neev Nair says:

    Good recepie bro

  11. Tmaato, this made me smile….
    By the way good recipe??

  12. LUV KASHYAP says:

    Tomato.. tomoto….

  13. Who says ghee is better than butter ? Any scientific reasoning to prove it ?

  14. Yo dude, check your snapchat messages!

  15. deepak yadav says:

    your Owen is amazing from where we can buy.??

  16. beautychickk says:

    is this good for keto?

  17. damn bro iam following you since 1k time flies best of luck for life your doing great job?

  18. Super easy recipe ! Thanks ?

  19. Kirti Talwar says:

    Being a punjabi, butter chicken is one of my fav. dishes, will definitely try your version of this recipe soon, thanks :)

  20. Aaqil Espana says:

    why don't you gain good amount of muscles? whenever, I show people your videos, they say, " if he had good amount of muscles I would've listened to him"
    trust me you are real good, but just get that body for people.

  21. make a video about those meds And the slim belt which makes you slim.

  22. can u sggst diet menu for pcos?

  23. Psychedelic says:

    Notifications squad!!

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