HEALTHY Butter Chicken | Indian Recipes for Weight Loss | BeerBiceps Chicken Makhani

Ingredients for Healthy Butter Chicken / Chicken Makhani / Chicken Makhanwala :-
1)450g Chicken Breast
2)2-3 Tbsp ghee
3)1/2 cup cashews
4)1/2 kg tomatoes
5)1 Tbsp Ginger Garlic Paste

For Chicken marinade :-
6)Garam Masala (to taste)
7)Red Chilli powder (to taste)
8)Turmeric (to taste)
9)1/2 cup hung curd

+optional 10) Kasuri methi
11)Piece of charcoal

Punjabi food isn’t the healthiest and that is EXACTLY why i had to come up with my own EASY and HEALTHY Indian chicken recipe – I bring you the healthy butter chicken that is weight loss friendly. This Indian non vegetarian recipe is made keeping health, weight loss and bodybuilding in mind. Low fat, high protein and super macro friendly. Indian recipes for dinner have neither been this delicious! Hope you guys like this healthy butter chicken recipe!


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  3. Can somebody help me? I started a low carb diet 2 days ago and my diet so far has been a 2 banana 10 medium sized strawberry shake which I then workout after then lunch has been 3 eggs with about a cup of spinach and dinner is either salmon or chicken with spinach. I do strength training Monday through Friday and play basketball on Saturday and Sunday. I've been losing some weight but I want to make sure I'm not doing this low carb diet wrong. I would love for some help on if I'm doing things wrong or whether I should keep things up. Any things appreciated Thanks!

  4. vir batra says:

    Ahhaha thanks man my dinner is sorted

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    Are yr.. You should have told in starting that Microwave will also be used so I would not have watched till end.
    I don't have Oven.

  6. what oven you use bro?

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    What if I don't have an oven?

  8. what do u think of Crossfit?

  9. Whaaat, No cream in butter chicken??

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    Good recepie bro

  11. Tmaato, this made me smile….
    By the way good recipe??

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  13. Who says ghee is better than butter ? Any scientific reasoning to prove it ?

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    is this good for keto?

  17. damn bro iam following you since 1k time flies best of luck for life your doing great job?

  18. Super easy recipe ! Thanks ?

  19. Kirti Talwar says:

    Being a punjabi, butter chicken is one of my fav. dishes, will definitely try your version of this recipe soon, thanks :)

  20. Aaqil Espana says:

    why don't you gain good amount of muscles? whenever, I show people your videos, they say, " if he had good amount of muscles I would've listened to him"
    trust me you are real good, but just get that body for people.

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  22. can u sggst diet menu for pcos?

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