Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas // Vegan

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  1. Mi says:

    holy dick these look phenomenal

  2. at this point, I will start begging for you to publish a recipes book!

  3. They look amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yumm that french toasttt! Also, ive just started out on YouTube and ive made a few videos so if anyone wants to check them out that would absolutely make my day x

  5. omg, beautiful ingredients, clean and conscious sugars!!

  6. HI dear nice you videos,
    now i subscribed you and in return you will subscribe me.thanks

  7. My tree says:

    omg, the french toast looks absolutely AMAZING!!! I am guessing you could substitute the vegan egg for flax seed meal or chia seeds, right?

  8. Aleen R says:

    Those scones look amazing!

  9. Oh my gosh Sarah, you are so talented!!!! ?????? I can't pick a fav, because all of these seriously look so good!!! ???

  10. LynnMaruu says:

    I just discovered your channel and you're so easy to watch. I've been been trying to add more whole foods to my diet, but I was struggling to find a variety of ways to do it. Your recipes look amazing and I can't wait to start trying them out! :D

  11. Sam James says:

    that french toast has me salivating

  12. Annaliese D says:

    That French toast OH MY GOODNESS ❤?

  13. Andrea A. says:

    Where can you get the egg replacer and how much does it cost? Is it really processed/bad for you?

  14. your videos getting better and better, great work, thank you

  15. Hazel Thron says:

    I heard Miles mention you so I came over and now i'm hooked on you ?. lovely video xo

  16. I've been trying to think of ways to treat myself on valentines day and I woke up to this video! haha I'm so excited to make these!! <3 much love!

  17. Wowza Sarah!! ok… ok…. I'll accept being your valentine ? ? – Seriously those scones tho ? (got so excited with all the coconut action going on lol) :)

  18. I'm making all of these delicious meals but I'm not sharing lol ???

  19. Remy Elysee says:


  20. Belgian French toast is the best! I love them so much!

  21. Oh my gosh, everything looks so amazing and delicious! In the french toast recepy can I use a banana or apple sauce as an egg replacer??

  22. de says:

    As always inspiring. I look forward to making these. Thank you for sharing your love of vegan food, healthy eating, and cooking knowledge.

  23. Shit like this makes me wanna go vegan because it tastes better than junk food but it's healthy however the vegan community is full of hateful and entitled radicals so idkk

  24. hiblairehere says:

    I just found your channel. You're an inspiration as a fitness girl and a vegan! I'm trying to go vegan but I find it quite hard especially in the fitness industry.

  25. That looked sooooo good! I love how all of your recipes are so simple yet amazing :)

  26. oh wow!!!! Everything looks amazing and cannot wait to try the stuffed French toast first!! Thank you Sara 😀 Love your videos :D

  27. Cheryl Nkosi says:

    This was amazing. Thank you Sarah!

  28. These are so cute and look delish! I love the last two! If anyone is looking for more Valentine's Day recipes, I just posted a "Valentine's Day Smoothie 4 Ways!" video on my channel ?

  29. Or stuff that French toast with a piece of chao cheese and a tofurky hickory smoked deli slice add some jam or just stick with sliced strawberries(or both), maple syrup, powdered sugar. Omg, I never would have even thought of that if it weren't for this video. Thank you! Haven't had a monte cristo in years, I'm more of a savory girl, unless it's a vegan chocolate covered donut ???

  30. vivaLucci says:

    Those scones omfg yum

  31. jarajelly says:

    Suuuch a great video. Definitely making all of these in the near future! You're amazing. xoxo

  32. Mounth watering recipes! I will definately going to make them soon (for myself though :p)

  33. violet says:

    love ur editing

  34. That was nice but Will you be my Valentine? ????????❣️?

  35. I'll definitely make these for Valentine's Day… for me, myself and I ??

  36. Mara Beauty says:

    love your channel! xo

  37. Wow these all look so delicious! Maybe we'll just spend valentine's day eating :D

  38. marco878ify says:

    your amazing Sarah

  39. Josh Shapiro says:

    wow all that looks so good. i gotta make that french toast

  40. Always looks so good. I really like the last two ideas. Very cool how you made a French toast sandwich. :)

  41. Yum!!! I've been thinking about fun V-Day foods to make the kids and hubby. These look so good!

  42. lista xx says:

    I get so excited every time you post!!

  43. ZeldaKnop says:

    awesome!! sooo good!

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