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22 Responses

  1. your videos helped me loose 7 pounds thank you!

  2. Hey Jordan ? I'm trying to meal prep without meat as my main source of protein. Any ideas for protein itself? I'm kind of getting tired of eating meat. Thanks if you're able to answer ?

  3. Hi! it's been only a short while since I've been to your channel and wow this channel has grown so so much!! nice video and keep up the effort for good diet. I have been on a weight loss meal for breakfast on my channel too, making yummy oatmeal, feel free to check it out..

  4. Sorry girl, it's late night & the ad looked scary, I live alone.. had to skip it ???

  5. Jamie Crisp says:

    Will have to try the pasta dish. Yum.

  6. Terri Mullen says:

    no complaints – these look good. did you use any oil or something to prep the baking pans? looks good.

  7. Janet Concha says:

    Quick and easy! You just made my life and dieting 50% easier!!! Ty Jordan!!!!

  8. I ordered the coconut cashew bars and cheesecurls so I got free shipping. I cannot wait til it arrives?

  9. ElijahMay13 says:

    When is Christians birthday my son jsut turned 4 on feburary 9th!

  10. ElijahMay13 says:

    I appreciate these videos how is the apartment search going did you find a perfect home for you cutie pie?

  11. I loved the egg recipe for quick, easy breakfast meal.  Thanks Jordan.

  12. Awww, I'm sad this isn't vegan. ? I look forward to those. They were super helpful.

  13. what do you use to edit? 🙂

  14. you just get better and better??? love all your videos

  15. Amanda N says:

    The pasta looks amazing!

  16. So the eggs, How do you store them if you are not going to eat them that day? How long do they stay fresh? DO you reheat them in the oven? Thanks!

  17. Larona Seels says:

    I just love watching your videos. I made the pasta today and it was amazing!!!!

  18. can you please do more meal prep?!!

  19. I have been watching your videos since the beginning, and I have to say I am EXTREMELY PROUD of how your channel has grown and your video qualities have gotten much better! I love you so much!!!!! #proudsubscriber #proudsupporter

  20. Rebecca Ann says:

    Love your channel & love watching your meal prep videos. I'm using some of your recipes as well.?

  21. Kayla Posey says:

    That "fancy" intro! Very professional, love seeing you grow!

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