WHAT I EAT IN A DAY + RECIPES | 5 EASY Mostly VEGAN HEALTHY MEALS to Lose Weight on a Budget

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47 Responses

  1. ThePeAcHyK says:

    love that kale chip idea!

  2. foxy gamer says:

    I like the mixed of food (mommy) some days I feel no meat and then I want meat …Love your videos
    I lost 10 lbs started mid January
    taking my time you were my inspiration ????????

  3. Love these, can't wait to try these recipes. Especially the chocolate mousse, I'm trying to get my 4 year old to eat more veggies so I'm hoping I can get him to eat that.

  4. Anamya Yadav says:

    That pizza looked so damn good ??

  5. nairobi1234 says:

    I've always wanted to make falafels and Kale chips…i liked your recipes and I will definitely give them a try!

  6. What a great cause! Also..love mostly vegan!

  7. who else wants a makeup tutorial???

  8. You have the strangest accent and I'm so intrigued by it! (I don't mean strange negatively, btw!)

  9. can we just pause a minute for that pizza ?????

  10. Doll Bun says:

    I'm really happy you are getting into veganism .. I was going to be hatefull being like its plant based then .. vegan is a lifestyle. But nah whatever it takes for ppl to get into it you are too cute girl. I went vegan a couple months ago and love it thank you for sharing

  11. Amy what is going on are you trying to transition to being vegan or trying some new vegan options… I loved this vlog

  12. Nyesha Heart says:

    I have lost 56 pounds while watching you over the last 6 months. Everytime I feel like I am going quit I watch your videos. You are such an inspiration!!! I am super picky but I am going to give the pancakes, kale chips, and chocolate moose a try.

  13. Thanks for sharing this amazing video!

  14. Krissa McKay says:

    Everything looks so delish! I wish I lived in a community where my food was more affordable (northern Saskatchewan). I do the best I can. Love u. You're so cute!

  15. Ideas , on ideas ??
    Love your videos, especially this kind.
    Lots of Love ?

  16. I'm literally making everything in this video. I love you !! Lol.

  17. Sofie MH says:

    Please do more of these!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

  18. "I have ideas on ideas" lol! Love these videos girl!

  19. I've been scared to try the whole kale chip thing, but that recipe looked tasty!

  20. loose goose says:

    Did u lose more weight! Lookin tone girl keep up the good work…. Omg that pizza look great!

  21. Kae H says:

    I love the breakfast pizza. It looked so delicious. I will definitely try the chocolate mousse.

  22. oyeahneneirs says:

    Yessss! Your body will totally thank you for incorporating vegan meals. ✨?

  23. anyone know the name of the cheese she used, ty

  24. Sally Smith says:


  25. I'm not vegan but I would definitely try out your recipes; diy falafel and the avocado ? desert….hmmm

  26. Nazeeda Kors says:

    LOVE all your recipes!!!!

  27. Amy, have you ever considered going vegan? For ethical reasons. There are also vegan alternatives to pretty much every animal product 🙂
    Oh and instead of avocado, can I use bananas instead? Avocados are really expensive in my country.

  28. hellosaurus says:

    love your food diaries!

  29. That cheese looks delicious!! Your video quality is amazing may I ask what camera you used ? ❣

  30. Nadia D says:

    I run out of ideas so those were great ideas. Kale chips is the bomb!

  31. Mrs. Oubre says:

    Your skin is absolutely gorgeous!

  32. desbraxton says:

    Wonderful. Love all your videos!

  33. You're such an inspiration. I love your videos ?

  34. skevola says:

    Loved loved loved the video. Please do more of these. I'm always looking for healthy eating tips and ideas and I got so many from this video. I mean the kale chips and the avocado choc dessert? I'm trying these asap. Your channel has been such an inspiration for me. I subbed years ago for the beauty related content (MU was my biggest interest/hobby back then) but contrary to other channels yours has changed and grown with you, and I really relate to your new content, as I've also gone through a weight loss journey, where your healthy tips have helped and inspired me SO much. I also love fashion videos as an inspiration to keep the healthy habits as it pays to be able to rock cute clothes! And finally you are such a delight to watch, so much fun and energetic!

    Wow, that was longer than I intended iniitially! ?In a nutshell thanks for the vid, and keep em coming!

  35. Mellivision says:

    your so stunning! you go girl yessss!

  36. Rain Forest says:

    Thanks for the video, great ideas.

  37. tame112blood says:

    Must try the avocado mousse.

  38. tstar says:

    what's the lipstick you're wearing?

  39. brittnylove2 says:

    LOVE THESE! Everything looks so yummy ?

  40. Yes!!! Please do more like this. You are such an inspiration! I fell off this past month and I'm trying to get back on track.

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