DIY Easy & Healthy Lunch Recipes On The Go! | Weight Loss 2017

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  1. Cynthia DC says:

    came just in time. needed some new healthy recipes, got bored of the ones I'm eating now ? and good luck with your challenge ?

  2. Welcome back so happy to see that your committed and motivated!! I love it. I try to keep myself motivated each day. I take long walks with my dog and just started to eat healthy. If I win this will help me in my journey.
    "I like apples"

  3. to stay healthy I drink lots of water , I like apples

  4. illiana Mae says:

    i will definetly going to try them??? so yummyyy recepies ? love you aleeza????

  5. Ahh can't wait to see how you do! I have been trying to eat healthier myself but I'm kind of struggling ??

  6. JustJordan says:

    Great video! I've been trying to eat healthy lately and I think these snacks will definitely help that!

  7. Haydeeshine says:

    hi plz sub to me my goal is 1,000 by july 29 aka y bday

  8. Maryama Dukz says:

    I always do ask much as laps as I can everyday and I make diy infused water

    I love apples??

  9. Sophia Sadiq says:

    Rain drop
    Drop top
    When will this video stop
    Jk loved this ?❤️

  10. Karl_love82 says:

    I try to run atlest 4 times a week to stay healthy and keeping track of my steps motivates me a lot more!!

    I like apples ? ? ❤️

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