Vegan School & Work Lunch Ideas #3 // Healthy Recipes

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15 Responses

  1. This video looked so clean??☁️

  2. Yeaaasss!!!! Love how easy you make it ??

  3. Yeaaasss!!!! Love how easy you make it ??

  4. God I'm so jealous of people who live in Australia! You guys have so many different fruits and vegetables. I live in Russia and the only fruits I can buy during winter are apples and oranges. Everything else is hella expensive. We can never get really good mangos or papayas or melons. And asparagus here costs 10 dollars for like 3 pieces.

  5. the bullock says:

    Only fruit lunch is not that healthy

  6. this came at the right time. i've been struggling with wat to bring to skl for lunch and thisssss came THANK YOU <3

  7. Mine Axhami says:

    Looks sooo yummy! Esp the tofu burger!

  8. Love this channel! Every recipe and workout is gold.

  9. Thank you for the foodspiration! <333

  10. Beccs Byle says:

    love your videos so calming to watch!

  11. Dianne roy says:

    congratulations on your subscribers. I love it when you post a video

  12. first to like and comment….woo love the vlogs! x

  13. Tess Begg says:

    Thank you so much everyone for your constant support, I can't believe over 200,000 people are subscribed to my channel, it's unbelievable.. appreciate it so much. Hope you enjoyed this video 🙂 ps ingredients in description

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