No Bake Oreo Balls Recipe In Hindi – Chocolate Recipes – Sweets And Desserts Recipes – Ep-200

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45 Responses

  1. thnx mam for dis recipe like?

  2. love india says:

    Ma'am this is not a pan and if it's a biscuit then I'll be dry obviously.

  3. can we use any choco biscuit.plz reply

  4. deepak vyas says:

    wow very nice didi ????

  5. Uditi Reddy says:

    So tasty i tried it it was amazing??

  6. I love this but I can't eat necause I have elargi from chocolate flaver ??

  7. Anjana Kumar says:

    it looks so yummy….mints recipe's are the best

  8. Gr8 ! I have already Like+Subscribed you, plz plz subscribe me back for support my Channel

  9. Pushpa Rani says:

    tanks mam its toooo yummy

  10. khushi pal says:

    looking very yamiiiiiiiiiii ???????

  11. sunita devi says:

    so……. yummy………….

  12. Parneet Kaur says:

    I love your Q.butter salted or plain?

  13. ymmmmmmm ……….tasty …………

  14. Div Dabhi says:

    oh wowwww mam you are rocking

  15. nice mam…mam choco sprinkles k jaga we can add jst put choco chips nah? or chocolate syrup?

  16. Sahil Jain says:

    The Mints Recipes.

    This is a very good dessert and I can do ??? for this dessert.

    Sahil Jain

  17. Itne tasty… yum

    dekh kar hi mu mein paani aa gaya.

    Rishu mam keep making these kinds of recipes I love them.

  18. Monu Guptq says:

    you are amazing your recipies are so easy , tasty this oreo balls are so amazing and tastyyy i love……… and my name is zoha not monu gupta this is my father's friend id so talk me like a girl please comment me with name……… +zoha

  19. Geeta Parmar says:

    hi,I like your oreo chocolate balls

  20. I am waiting for finishing my exam because my mom and dadi has promised me that if I passed my exams with gud marks they will make the recipies of your which I want to eat!!!! I am very happy and I am doing my best for my exams?????

  21. mmmm nyc mam so sweet

  22. it's very very very amazing

  23. Mr Viqar says:

    mam batter ka bagar kuch or dal sakta ha

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