Coriander Rice Recipe | How To Make Coriander Rice | Lunch Recipe | Rice Recipe | Ruchi’s Kitchen

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34 Responses

  1. plz teach ous some healthy and easy breakfast

  2. Ekta Thakar says:

    hi can you show us how to prepare litthi chokha ..???

  3. rewa chib says:

    plz share more recipe to use leftover rice

  4. wowwww yamyyy, so nice will definately try

  5. hey I tried this…
    it tastes sssooo yumm….
    my hubby liked it much….thank u?

  6. Miss Angel says:

    Can you please make some vegan recipes ?

  7. You didn't show the recipe of the main ingredient- the coriander paste. And ur measurements are so confusing. ?

  8. Syameeik says:

    if you can add the hindi name of the items used in the description that wioukd be great

  9. what type of rice are you using?

  10. Payal Shah says:

    hello rajshri thanks for teaching me cooking and thanks bcoz of ruchi bharani my family loves to eat at home
    totally maa ke haath ka…

  11. Neetu Buwade says:

    aapke jaise aapki recipi bhi bohut Sweet hoti h

  12. Dunnia M says:

    Yummy, yummy. Thanks!

  13. This is something new to me, will definitely try sometime soon ?

  14. very nice RUCHI U r very sweet

  15. Nice recipe magar corinder dalna zaruuri ha

  16. WOw will TRY dis soon..plz do juice recipe for summer..wch is simple to make. ?☺

  17. Mistico07 says:

    Se parece el arroz con pollo pero con culantro de Perú ??

  18. Oli Hazra says:

    the recipe is……….??

  19. Rekha Mhatre says:

    nice rice recepi yumi

  20. Tasty recipe…..!!! Just requesting for some recipe for summer

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