Easy Orange Chicken Recipe (Better Than Panda Express!)

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40 Responses

  1. Oh yes!! I wanted this recipe!!!! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. look yummy i like so much in california

  3. is the sesame oil optional?

  4. zact lee says:

    1/2 cup vinegar is too much dont you think?

  5. May Lee says:

    There's authentic chinese food "Ku lau yuk" Sweet n sour fried pig meat. Another is sweet n sour fried fish. Then everything branch off from here.

  6. May Lee says:

    It's modern chinese chicken by malaysian chinese dish of lemon chicken. Sweet n sour is one of malaysian chinese dish for many type of meat style of cooking.

  7. Strawberry says:

    Why are Japanese people making fake Chinese food

  8. Wow!!! Amazing! My husband loves orange chicken, I could surprise him with this easy recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  9. bleh bleh says:

    You should make a bourbon chicken video. :3

  10. 6lyndon7 says:

    Thanks for post!

  11. John Cornish says:

    Made this tonight, it tasted horrible :S Very sour and incredibly bitter…

  12. Carol Ciotti says:

    Can I use Aji-mirin instead of the wine? Rice vinegar?

  13. In the video you state 1/4 cup soy sauce & 1/4 cup white wine but in the written directions above you state 1/2 cup soy sauce & 1/2 cup white wine. I made it according to the directions in the video and it turned out really good! However, when I went to write down the ingredients to make I noticed the discrepancy. Which set of directions are the intended, correct directions??? Thanks!!

  14. Jude S. says:

    can we skip rice wine? cause its not available in my country

  15. I'm gonna try this soon!

  16. There is a differnce between the printed recipe and the video, in the video only the half of soy sauce and rice wine is used!? Which one is the right choice?

  17. candyberried says:

    If you add 2 tsp orange marmalade, it'll be thicker and not so runny

  18. 御中元 says:


  19. mike madrid says:

    great video , good job guys

  20. Oh wow, I never knew orange chicken actually used oranges in it. I guess that explains the name. 😛

  21. Jason Reedy says:

    Deep House and Orange Chicken! Fresh!

  22. keandric 2 says:

    Good video guys. And Lol, Poor Satoshi.. you're gonna end up wanting him to try to make you every dish on the Panda Express menu .. 😉 😉 XD XD XD 🙂

  23. KnightMD says:

    What can I use instead of rice wine (non alcoholic)?

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  25. bmsecs1 says:

    YERRRKKK ! What a waste of time and food.
    Disgustingly sour and salty. I'm pissed off 🙁

  26. bmsecs1 says:

    Does anyone else think TOO MUCH SOY AND VINEGAR ?

  27. Mas W says:

    これも、とてもやばいよ!食べたい!just saw your mentaiko video earlier… thanks for these vids. Gonna try them soon…

  28. Krissi M says:

    I made it yesterday… I was so excited and later so disappointed. Too much soy sauce and too much vinegar…. we couldn´t eat that orange chicken… sorry!

  29. eva fuentes says:

    Wow! Super delicious? thank you Mr. Chef.

  30. All good folks, thanks for this but geeeee…. that chicken …. I prefer clean breast and cut all the fatty shit off. this looks just aweful 😛

    Gonna make it tomorrow 😉

  31. La Chabe says:

    White vinegar or apple cider?

  32. Dustin Ray says:

    I am eating some right now. I am thinking about posting my recipe, It is GREAT!

  33. Whats the rice you are serving it with?

  34. Jan Leoung says:

    Would love Mom to make this for me but she'll just tell me to go to Panda Express.

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