HEALTHY COMFORT FOOD! Easy & Yummy! Cooking With Liv Ep 17

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40 Responses

  1. so have soo much food too offer lmao 🙂 this girls amazingg

  2. A. Gonzales says:

    De-lish!!!!! ❤️?

  3. Add butternut squash to the sauce to add a veggie secretly! I tried it with carrots(just for the color) but I could taste it. The squash is so creamy and you feel better because it's got some veggies?

  4. Julia XXX says:

    i luv ur vids, you allways make me smile x

  5. Those cookies look sooo yummmmm!! ??

  6. Zoe Field says:

    My comfort food is a sausage stew ! Mum used to make it when I was ill when I was younger as a good way to sneak in all those veggies ! ❤

  7. Lotta Marie says:

    you are amazing! love you so much ♡ xx

  8. They looked so yummy, and comforting. It has been very cold where I live too. and it snowed a little bit.

  9. Those are big cookies. They look delish!

  10. I didn't realize you were Canadian, love finding other Canadian creators! This coldness has to stop …

  11. Katie Moore says:

    Please have a meet up or something in Toronto I live there and I didn't know you did, I love your channel so much ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Sammy George says:

    turned on notifications because I can't get enough of your delicious recipes !! love your videos they are so well made and motivating!

  13. Great video! I wonder how you come up with such great ideas??? so inspiring…i love it!

  14. Sarah Ahmed says:

    I literally wanna try all of them….The mac and cheese tho!! So yum!

  15. MsBeckyBean says:

    Everything looks so good! I might need to try those cookies out. I'm a cookie monster.
    I have made cauliflower mash. I steamed mine before blending it and add garlic and oil afterwards. I was kind of winging it so cool to see that your way is very similar.

  16. Annie Gravel says:

    I love your videos. It gives me so much ideas!

  17. Brooke Run says:

    will try this, I'm in Ottawa this weather is crap ! fallow me if you want !!

  18. Katy Klyn says:

    Oh man the need for coziness for our Canadian winters is real. I'm such a wimp though haha Good to know Toronto is just as bad as London 😛

  19. Anika says:

    Did someone try out the Mac nd cheese with nutritional yeast and can tell me how it taste? ?

  20. jayla bryant says:

    I love eating lobster soup when it's really cold outside. ❤️?

  21. Julia Graham says:

    ? I love you so much ??

  22. I love your videos you make me feel like I can do anything….I've been trying your ideas on eating healthy and stuff and I've found myself losing a lot of weight thank you so much

  23. Emma Lev says:

    GIRL YES! This weather makes me wanna eat my feelings so I'm definitely gonna hit up the store to make those cookies ???

  24. It's cold here too it's like 32 degreees

  25. Gabby says:


  26. Shopkins TV says:

    Hi i love your videos… i am trying 2 grow my channel… i am wondering if you can subscribe and give me a shoutout it would really help me get 50 subs! i luv ur vids

  27. carbs are not bad for you, come on you should know this? +potatoes are so healthy and full of nutrients

  28. giveeeee meeee cooooookiesss!

  29. yesss thnx so much olivia for this video

  30. Abbie Hayes says:

    Omg you don't know how much u inspire me I love u so much ??

  31. Done! ( for the notification thing ) ❤️

  32. You have no idea how much I need this video!

  33. Jessica S says:

    I love your channel

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