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  1. Nim C says:

    Hey guys! This is one of the few videos in which I didn’t make a cute face ? I hope you all enjoy it. Let me know if you would like to see a PART TWO of this video ?? maybe I could make 100?! ?

  2. alguien que me ayude es que yo no se hablar ingles es para saber que es eso harina o queee ayudar porfa

  3. like how you make cool thing

  4. wjat do Youtubers say, "hit the subscribe BUTTON" it's not a button!

  5. Analy Mejia says:

    idk y but watching the glitter is satisfying ☺

  6. please make asmr videos in your 2nd channel

  7. Nim C you should of cut out cute little kawaii faces and put them in the slimes!!!

  8. How cool. Doesn't sound sooooo satisfying.

  9. 20 likes for my uncle that died today PLEASE

  10. 2kidsnhappy says:

    these are so cool and I will use these for my slime company

  11. AmandaPlayz says:

    Can we use the borax method also??ILYSM BTW

  12. CAPTIN FIRE says:

    I like the crunch slime

  13. Joanna Peets says:

    I am really going to try those slime.

  14. Nice video! Love you Nim C!

  15. Bubbly Pop! says:

    Is it just me but the first slime looks hard

  16. Emily Chen says:

    for the glitter one can i use non-clear glue

  17. kumin bal says:

    No offense but I like these videos better ???

  18. Omg LOVE IT!! But can you please do a DIY slime buy without borax and shaving cream?

  19. Ewwwwwwwwwww•_•???????????????I DO NOT LIKE ASMR THE END

  20. Enora LF says:

    Hello! I love your channel and your DIY
    I'm from France??

  21. Laura Brito says:

    i am the only one that puts like before seen the vid:3

  22. Mel Lin says:

    Como eu amo esse canal!!!!!!

  23. SquishyKat says:

    Was this a re-upload from the other day?

  24. Youtube User says:

    Do these slimes ever dry?

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