Martha Stewart’s Famous One Pot Pasta Recipe – Martha Stewart

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  1. i used chicken broth instead

  2. s0nGsTriSs says:

    I saw another version of this on another channel where the oil and cheese are added to the pan while its cooking to help create more of a sauce. I don't think the dish is meant to be flavor packed (though I would prefer it that way lol). I think the method of adding the cheese and oil while its cooking would yield better results along with using chicken broth/stock instead and a little butter. Guess I'll test it one of these days.

  3. This is great! just use chicken stock in place of the water for extra flavor. I also add my basil leaves at the end, right before serving, they taste way better that way ♡

  4. Sami Dalao says:

    This is an abomination!

  5. Semplicemente oscena!!!! Impara a cucinare italiano!!!!

  6. C O says:

    it's not pasta. it's soup of boiled onions.

  7. stu dent says:

    looks hella bland

  8. Ohhhhhh my gosh this is delicious!!!

  9. I wish someone could explain me what's the big deal in using 1 pot instead of 2….

  10. bfavs says:

    I understand now! cooking pasta is a religious ritual for Italians and cooking it in nontraditional ways will anger ancient gods.
    But we must have freedom of and from religion these days – including the infamous flying spaghetti monster..

  11. KARMA did not forgive nor forget. Anytime, Anywhere. Three years after this bullshit, Americans got DONALD TRUMP as their president as punishment for this capital sin.
    I can say "FINALLY, REVENGE IS DONE. "… ^^"

  12. jmatt4life says:

    Will try with less water, 3 tablespoons of virgin olive oil, more tomatoes (Romano instead of cherry) and NO onion. I will have my feta cheese ready instead of parmigiana or Romano.

  13. dear Martha, i love you! i'm italian (real Italian),but i know your magic. This recipe would be much Better if you'd Cook tomatoes and the other ingredients away from pasta.

  14. egdapo says:

    why do I feel like I wanna give her a hug :)))))))))))))

  15. vn01208503 says:

    recipe and food will change over the years, to freak out over this just to show what a prick you are

  16. tried this in my food class, thanks to my teacher, it was amazing! thank you so much! x3

  17. tried this in my food class, thanks to my teacher, it was amazing! x3 thank you so much

  18. tried this in my food class, thanks to my teacher, it was amazing! x3 thank you so much!

  19. poppy fox says:

    Marty mar looks like she faced one before filming this. ?

  20. poppy fox says:

    Ugh will never understand the allure of hot cherry tomatoes

  21. Just made this and it was lovely. Only one thing I would do differently next time and that is I would skin the tomatoes.

  22. Girish Kumar says:

    Italians brothers now you will know the pain of indians food lovers, they ruined lot of great classical indian recepies and completely change the taste, now it's your turn (burn from inside like us).

  23. This recipe is great, but I have a few tweeks.

    1. Use Himalayan pink salt.
    2. Boil everything along with the olive oil.
    3. Throw in some spinach and 2-3 slices of lemon.
    4. Right when the last bit of water is gone, add some finely shredded mozzarella cheese and stir thoroughly.

  24. Luca Cusmai says:

    nonononononononononononono NO NO NO NOO!

  25. I think an analogy we should all take into consideration is this: for these Italians, altering an originally Italian recipe/claiming a "bad" recipe is Italian, etc. is considered cultural appropriation. As a whole Italians take a lot of pride in their food; for many of them it is not just something to make your taste buds happy or something to eliminate hunger pangs. It is a big part of their culture that they exalt and celebrate.
    I'm an American. If you're like me, you may not see the big deal with cultural appropriation. I honestly think the Italian commenters talking about how they'd rather gouge their eyes out than feed this "trash" to their worst enemy are being rude and overly dramatic. However, I do think these Italians should be respected. They put food on a pedestal, and when they see this variation of their dish (if it was actually theirs, I don't know), they reasonably get upset. It feels like an invasion on what they hold dear. It's disrespectful to them. And I guess I realize now that we shouldn't just blow them over and tell them it's nothing.
    However, to the Italians out there getting offended about the way someone chooses to prepare their food, please realize that in America culture, we don't have the same view of food as the Italian culture. For a long time, Americans have been about creatively changing food and adding/taking away things or preparing it in a different way to make new and exciting flavor, texture, and visual combinations. We're more dynamic with our food, in that we don't have as big of a tradition: we just like making new things. If we see an American eating their burger with relish and honey, we would be much more likely to say something like, "Weird..but you do you, man" than condemn or reprimand them for straying from the norm. Honestly. Just as we should respect you all for wanting your food to be relatively similar and desiring to hold to loved traditions, you should respect us for our willingness for trying new things and altering old ideas.
    Italy is traditional with food. America is innovative with food. Both are worthy of respect and have reason to be admired.

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