Summer Weight Loss Diet Plan 10 kgs – Full Day Meal Plan/Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

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22 Responses

  1. Purvi Bhave says:

    can I use this diet plan if I'm having pcod?

  2. minal jain says:

    Mam yellow smoothie pls

  3. what if I don't have chia seeds

  4. Sana Ansari says:

    hi mam i m already taking Acv in d morng can i add chia seeds in dat drink

  5. TheAyasan says:

    terrific post as usual Dearest Nisa 🙂 super good detox plan, i'm sure people who will follow this will see the extra weight melt away quite fast! as I put on a few extra pounds myself this winter, can't wait for our summer here to get seasonal fruits and greenies, thanks for all those informative posts, you're a great teacher! stay blessed xxxx

  6. Pooja Sharma says:

    hellow mam….chia seeds are not available here…any other substitute ??

  7. is it safe for nursing mothers? pls reply…

  8. link to chia seed drink?

  9. hi i have managed n got some moringa leaves can u pls help how can i store them for long time and use them tysm

  10. hi mam.sabja seed and chia seed same knw?

  11. Mam can I add chia seeds in infused water drink

  12. Meena Chavda says:

    instead of sabja seed can i use chia seeds ?

  13. what is muringa leaves

  14. Hi I m new to ur channel. please advise if this diet plan can also be followed by PCOD patients..

  15. Neha Bhagat says:

    hello . I really like ur videos. can u give me diet plan to loose weight after dilivery. thanks in advance

  16. Mam is there a diet plan for 50 plus aged people of kerala. specially for weight loss. As they have largely followed rice and wheat. what can be better diet plan for them to loose weight. please suggest.

  17. HI mam, since i work in nightshift at what time should i have my lunch and dinner. I m confused on same (My shift timing is 6.30pm to 3.30am) i sleep around 6.30am and start my day at 3pm. Please help

  18. Thank you Nisa ji. Awesome diet plan. Here in NZ its winter from april. shall i do this? for how many days we should follow this plan. Please reply.

  19. sweet nayla says:

    is this plan is suitable for constipation patient?

  20. foody says:

    pls make a video on healthy and weight loss recipe of veg manchurian

  21. Sneha Pandey says:

    we can use anything else instead of chia seeds??

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