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  1. went and bought mkst of this today!!!!!!

  2. i loved it! i can't wait to see more vegan recipes….thanks a lot ??????????

  3. Sam j says:

    just made that salad, it is super yummy! thank you!

  4. +BakingMadGymAddict how do you get rid of the grit? I'm making the soup now and it's not smooth like yours is 🙁

  5. Foo Kelevra says:

    There's nothing worse than being a vegan with a nut allergy

  6. Paula DRON says:

    Really loved this video!!

    Aloha from Romania of Eastern Europe! 🙂 :). Keep up the great and delicious work!

  7. Such a excellent video! 🙂 Keep up the good work 😉 Hugs from Sweden

  8. M Deleon says:

    You're such an amazing cook! Everything looks amazing! 🙂

  9. I am obese and am looking to change my life style and lose over 100 pounds. I came across your videos while looking for healthy meal choices. I spent a day watching most of your videos and can't wait to get started with some of the meals you have made. I think it will benefit me to have my meals and snacks available in advance so that I do not end up going to fast-food restaurants looking for something to eat because I am hungry.

  10. That red rice looks amazing! Yummm

  11. Remy Reigns says:

    awesome video …perfectly detailed …everything looks delicious …tysvm!!

  12. Danutza 2015 says:

    thank you this is awesome.i want to be vegan because I think is better…I don't eat meat just eggs and cheese…I am from Romania…I didn't heard about 50% ingredients you said, so I am very confused…thank you

  13. Everything looks very good and pretty simple!! Love your videos. Keep making more ! ?Go girl!

  14. hipretty says:

    Looks amazing Lozza great Vegan choices!!! All this from someone who is not Vegan. 🙂

  15. Serena says:

    Hey I just filmed a Vegan recipe video! would you ming checking it out and let me know what you think?

  16. GREAT! Shared on facebook bc this is one of the best fresh healthy videos I ever found! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us! Here in the USA we need to start eat more healthy!

  17. Chris19893 says:

    She's not a vegan and makes better looking food than a vegan. I'm failing here.

  18. Kordokuvas says:

    That was mind blowing vegan dishes all the way. I am vegan for two years, and i am not so good in cooking still. You are so good at this, why aren't you vegan then? Just wondering. What is stopping you?

  19. Ashley says:


  20. love this! I'm going to try all these recipes! Thank you for making this video ?

  21. Ayla Kilic says:

    you are so adorable

  22. Alex Dicus says:

    More Vegan More Vegan!!! Loved this thank you!

  23. CL Yin says:

    use the soaked mushroom water to cook the rice adds a deeper and earthy flavour to it! 🙂 But dont use all of it as there will be some dirts sinking at the bottom of water

  24. Jade McL says:

    I can't stop thinking about ballamory

  25. trollis97 says:

    u should be more careful with the oil 🙂 most vegans do want to keep the fat to a minimum because it makes u gain with all the carbs u have to eat 🙂

  26. twistedstich says:

    "I quite fancy eating some big nuts…"

  27. andrew owen says:

    You are amazing!!! Massive crush!!! Recipes also look amazing! Thx for sharing!

  28. Pffff…you YouTubers always doing things with one hand… = )

  29. Loved the vegan recipes. ?

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