3 WAYS TO MAKE SLIME WITHOUT GLUE! DIY Slime Compilation! Easy and Simple Slime Recipes!

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29 Responses

  1. "Microwave it in the microwave."
    Thanks for the heads up, Nick. I was going to microwave it in my computer.

  2. Has anybody else noticed he says like every 10 seconds…? xD

  3. I came from snapchat

  4. Itzjust Juli says:

    My mom didn't have icing or marshmallows are we abnormal??

  5. game over says:

    Hey you should make gum slime

  6. @itsjustnick I came from snapchat lmao ily

  7. my musically is underscore actual*dot underscore dot* garbage*underscore*

  8. I came from snapchat

  9. Your Coppying Thumb Nails!!!!!

  10. I came from Snapchat!!!!!??

  11. I came from snapchat

  12. Sofia Sylva says:

    "Shhhhhhhhhdhsjs stuff"

  13. andreaXandra did a video about edible slime idk if you seen her videos but I recommend watching her videos they are amazing ?✨

  14. Brooke Munoz says:

    it's snowing in mid march in new jersey too?

  15. the first one was literally fondant XD

  16. Mimi Panda says:

    in MI it is snowing in march

  17. the first slime is edible

  18. i came from snapchat ? (et de montréal;))

  19. Jenn Editz says:

    the first "slime" you made was fondant.

  20. I came from Snapchat

  21. stella fairy says:

    Isn't the middle slime photo on the thumbnail Gillian Bower's?

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