Delicious Summer Recipes ☼ Healthy & Easy!

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25 Responses

  1. Warum ist Rosenwasser gesund? Ichigo danke Ihnen fur das Teilen!

  2. Anamarie D says:

    Some great summer ideas…
    I will defo be trying the tabbouleh & the peach lassi..

  3. They all looked so delicious! I will defiantly try them!

  4. I'm sorry please don't hate me but I eat and drink everything else but thr melon salad I really don't like watermelon and like you've been to India so I don't like sweet chaat so yeah like I don't like the sweetness of the spiciness otherwise like he looks SO good.

  5. darlingmoon says:

    Everything looked soooo yummy! I will need to try these recipes. 😀

  6. Heather m says:

    Just watched your latest winter food video, but it's summer in Australia so i'm so glad you've already made these recipes into a video! Love the look of the melon salad, not something i'd be brave enough to try out if it wasn't recommended to me!
    Thanks Julia! 🙂

  7. you look like emily from ink master

  8. I don't usually comment on YouTube videos, but yours was freaking amazing!
    Thank you so much!

  9. yummy recipe specially for summer …………Ice tea was awesome.I need some recipe like this………

  10. Benebabe says:

    Are you german or english/american? I'm really confused ?❤️❤️

  11. I can't wait to try the iced tea

  12. Allie Baker says:

    You rinsed pasta. Nooooo

  13. Where i can get quinoa, I'll can never find it

  14. David Sauma says:

    wow amazing recepies

  15. Nevan says:

    I love your food videos D:

  16. Book People says:

    Omg these recipes look so gorgeous. Summer time brings the best in everything! I just started making some of my own summer food recipe videos too…

  17. Macy l says:

    The melon pasta confuses my brain.

  18. ray john says:

    Here is our new ''Healthy & Delicious Recipes'' group, take a look at it

  19. Maghy'sWorld says:

    Julia, I absolutely love all your food videos, love all the healthy ingredients you are using, all the colorful delicious food you make! Please share more videos in the future, I really appreciate it!!

  20. Love the look of all of these! I was really poorly in May & couldn't eat a thing but since then I haven't been able to drink hot drinks so I'm definitely going to try a few different iced herbal teas! Great video again Julia, I always look forward to your videos! X

  21. sn12 says:

    amazing recipes julia! but have to say lassi is buttermilk so the taste is not the same without butter milk . i find yogurt just makes it taste like any regular smoothie but the buttermilk though yuuummm!! its very easy to make buttermilk at home or u can buy it!

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