Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch

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27 Responses

  1. Say what you want about him, but he is one enthusiastic and passionate individual. And it's not only that. Everything he cooks looks and, I can only imagine, tastes amazing. Well done, mate!

  2. Gordon is sponsored by the meat dairy and egg industries. Animal products = money. Not much money at the moment in plants! He'd have no money if it wasn't for tortured flesh served up a meal that will send you straight into the arms of the pharmaceuticals one day lol lol ..

  3. love to see a video without cilantro ( coriander) lol

  4. Tia Dalma says:

    does it matter if I use different cheese for these? ? cause I won't have that cheese I know for sure

  5. Fucking hell you'd spend like 100 dollars at a grocery store buying all of these ingredients, vs. 7 dollars for some McDonalds. and People wonder why Americans are fat.

  6. You call a dish that is 80% cheese and eggs, vegetarian? What can you do, morons everywhere.

  7. Is that another version of potato pancakes ?

  8. Mary 246 says:

    Too much oil on that salad, no need for that

  9. Mr. Ektid says:

    Vegetarian 7 years strong and feel better than ever! Look stronger "naturally" and much more fit than most at my gym here in the Bay Area which draws a lot of people.

  10. El Tacito says:

    Olive oil makes every thing better

  11. If I was vegan or vegetarian the only thing I would eat are french fries.

  12. Annoying music though!

  13. My mouth is watering!

  14. I thought the title said "Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Vagina Lunch"

  15. go pal says:

    if Crazy Russian Hacker and Gordon Ramsay did a collab,

    "egg in"
    "wowww did you see dat"

  16. this looks amazing! thanks for looking out for us vegetarians 😀

  17. i think it was racist when he said : ''I don't want the jews'' 🙁

  18. Celia McGhie says:

    I'm a vegetarian and this is awesome 10/10 tastes amazing

  19. Gordon Ramsay's moving in the right direction…..Master Junior Chef season 5 episode 4 VEGAN w/ Mayim!!!!!!! Considering there is so much obesity and it comes from eating to much fat, too much food, too many animals and harms the planet as well….thank you Gordon. He is a great teacher — his veggie insights great — just that he can now say words like "vegetarian" and "vegan" without cringing shows he is learning too.

  20. Jon R says:

    I'm super duper mad Jordan Ramse didn't kill those tomatoes humanely

  21. Napa Cook says:

    I'm no veggie but i went out got all the ingredients prepping now!!!

  22. Why do people who are not vegetarians watch these videos?

  23. siddharth b says:

    Eggs are not vegetarian?

  24. John Smith says:

    I love gordon, but he uses a lot of salt in almost everything he cooks. This is soo bad for your heart.

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